Android Apps: Giving Wings to Businesses

With the advent and the widespread use of smart phones, there has been a paradigm shift of the sorts in the business world. From mobile compatible websites and responsive design themes, to finally opting for mobile apps, in one way or the other, corporate houses are trying to tap into the flourishing business opportunities provided by mobile app development.

When we say mobile apps, we don’t necessarily mean iPhones apps. Giving the traditional market leader a run for their money are the easy to use and highly competitive Android apps. The traditional ways of conducting business are now clearing the pavement for a much smarter way, propelled by the world of smart phones and Android App Development.

In case the importance of android apps for your business has skipped your notice, here is a quick reminder of why a business needs them:

To stay in constant touch with your audience – An app takes a business to the very home screen of the mobile phones of the users. With just a touch of the finger, any user can simply get in touch with the business.

To ascertain the profits from niche marketing – These android apps are showcased fervently on the Google Play store. Besides, an app need not find the user as the user often finds the app; i.e. an app is downloaded, only when a user has typed the query for the same, or stumbled upon it from the Play Store. This significantly improves the chances of lead generation, since the user has already showed an interest in what the business does / offers.

Additional visibility – With the help of Android apps, businesses get easy and far increased visibility in the play store. Besides, now with apps, it is even easier to build an entire community around the business, all with the reviews and the feisty discussions that take place in the Play Store.

An increase in revenue – The point is so obvious that we feel silly in even stating that. But one cannot and should not and must not avoid the fact that mobile apps help in increasing the revenue drastically.

And that’s not all; businesses today are using other existing apps, in order to smooth track and streamline the way they work. Since it only seems pragmatic to change with the changing trends, you may want to try a few apps that would assist you in conducting your business.

Some of our favorite Android apps which assist in carrying out the businesses are:

Go To Meeting – this is one app which makes it very easy to organize a meeting, and ensure 100% attendance, even on a rainy day or if the participants are spread all over the globe. With the help of this app, one can organize and participate in meetings via tablets, exchange charts and Word files etc.

Fill and sign PDF forms – this app allows the users to easily fill-in and sign PDF forms simply with your Android device, in addition to allowing them to easily view, edit, save or send these PDF forms.

Cam Card – if you have a lot of business cards to manage, this app will assist you in the same. The cards are scanned and are kept at one easily accessible place in the phone’s memory.

That was all that we had to offer today. These android apps have significantly changed the way businesses work. Don’t lag behind, hire Android Programmers to get highly active, problem-solving and value-adding apps, and rejoice as you watch it give brand new wings to your business.