Finding Out The Right Marketing Strategy For Your Gaming App

Games are undoubtedly one of the most in-demand mobile apps that we have. It is the frequent usage of games that accounts for the popularity of the mobile apps. However, the important question is that your game needs to be quite engaging enough which compels the users to use it several times in a day.

Wherein speaking of Apps that are in others categories fail to attract the kind of frequency with which the users get attracted to the gaming apps. High app usage frequency increases the chances of selling premium content that one can sell within the app.

However, one of the biggest challenge for a competent Android app developer is primarily to make a highly engaging app and another one is to make sure that the users find that your app exists. In short, make sure that your users discover your gaming apps quite easily.

Without the slightest doubt we know that the competition is among the millions of apps present out there and to get noticed among this plethora of apps is tough. In order to get discovered among the myriad of an app, you need Incentivized ads that can help you get a headstart. Incentive based ad network will make your app appear on other applications in the for of advertisements.

They can also appear in the format of advertisements. However, app walls are the most common form where you can find incentivized ads. One of the most common ways where one can create incentivized ads are the app walls. Moreover, the rewards are given according to the kind of game they appear in, and this can be delivered in the form of points, golds or coins.

After setting up an ad-inventory of yours, your get to see your app appearing on these walls. After your users install your app, they can also be promised a reward for this action.

What makes incentivized ads great for your games?

Incentivized ads are one of the most nominal strategies comparing the non-incentivized ads. The cost of per click for an incentive based ad is 20-40 cents. Wherein a non-incentivized advertisement will cost somewhere around $5-$6 per click. It has been noticed that 20% of the total installs come from incentivized campaigns.

This brings to you the possibility that your gaming app can reach the zenith using incentive-based ads and for this, you do not need a lot of time as the results are apparent quite frequently.

Monetization plays a crucial role in User Acquisition-

Promoting your gaming app via incentivized network will help you to see optimal results and success all you need to make sure that the game has optimal engagement factor, and the quality of the game is great.

Making use of user acquisition campaign to acquire a substantial volume of users will make you go for a dependable user base which of course works as a trigger to increase the usage of the game. This is where one can carry on a monetization campaign simultaneous with your game. In short, this means that your app will require several other apps as well as ads for rewards, and this is similar to the way you’re promoted in the beginning.

Those who have quite an engaging game will get to receive a good amount of profits from the advertisement. Apart from money which is, of course, an integral part of an ad network you get to run other things on your monetization campaign.

Wrapping up!

Incentivized ads have emerged out to be a great trigger that can help you to start away with an incredible app marketing campaign.

As we cannot deny the fact that discovering a mobile app is quite a  difficult challenge that we have these days, therefore it is required for everyone to transcend the threshold limit and make sure that the users know about your existence.

Incentive-based ads are quite incredible, and they help you to achieve this quite quickly. This ad campaign not only helps you to acquire initial users but your monetization campaign intends to get you users that bring value to your business through social referrals and also spread your business in their personal circle as well. Incentivized installs enable your app to get high CTR and lower down your CPC rates, and also add value for your money, quick app discovery among the users, and this increases the probability of your success. But at the end, everything simmers down to one point which is how engaging your mobile app is for the users.