Apple’s OS X Yosemite Public Beta is Out (and it Looks Stirringly Stunning)

This one was in the offing. Ever since “OS X Yosemite” has been resonating in the mobile landscape, there has been a frenzy among the developers and designers as to what to look forward to with this new platform. And just to give their frantic souls some calm, Apple finally released Yosemite Public Beta. By the looks of it, it’s worth all the hype.

So, if you are one of the folks eagerly waiting to get your hands at this latest goody from Apple, you can sign up. Don’t wait anymore. Simply download and install it and let your exploration begin. (It is recommended however that you download it on a separate partition on your Mac so that there are no compatibility issues for you to deal with).

What Does OS X Yosemite Bring Along
As Apple promises, your experience with Mac is set to be going for a complete makeover. The refinement has been done down to the last thread and there are newly introduced features that are earth-shattering (or shape-shifting, if you prefer subtlety).

A Quicker and More Streamlined View
Every renowned iOS Development Company must be aware of the fact that the Notification Center has a new Today view that instantly connects you with the outside world. Bet it any occasion, or events, or for that matter staying glued to the stock updates, you are notified with just about everything. And the provision of adding the widgets from Mac store is further facilitative.

Enhanced Spotlight

Searching stuff from Spotlight has just become much more easier and all-encompassing. And it’s not just your Mac files it searches for, you can gather information from Wikipedia, Maps and search engines.

The Everyday Apps are Even More Refined

  • Mac has never ceased to surprise and delight its users and has constantly tossed at us the most avant-garde apps. This time round with Yosemite, the apps look even more elegant, the designing niggles have been put aside and the user-friendliness is improved to a large extent.

  • When it comes to Safari, the users will have a much greater control over how they browse the Internet with more accessible tools at their behest.

  • The Mail tool has now room for sending large sized attachments and you can also fill the forms right there in your mail body.

  • Now, the iMessages and SMSes can be received on Mac as well. Create groups and let conversations leap into the sky.

  • The cloud storage has always been greatly sought after, and Yosemite makes sure it doesn’t leave out that avenue. The iCloud Drive now welcomes files across all formats and it also lets you access them regardless of the device you are using. There is a much greater sense of structure to how you are storing and accessing the files in the iCloud Drive. And in order to streamline your search for locating files, you can even add tags.

Connect iOS and Mac Ever So Effortlessly

iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite can make your Mac and iOS devices work as a team. Connecting them has become a breeze and they auto-detect each other’s presence when located nearby.

Get Calls Right on Your Mac
So, being opted as skilful iOS Programmers for Hire by an individual, if you are working on your Mac and your iPhone rings in the other room? You don’t have to go and fetch it as you can take the call right from your Mac.

Swift Will Work in Unison with Yosemite
The new programming language, Swift, is all set to give Yosemite a major push.
If you have been vying for a platform that is elegant, user-friendly and powerful, then OS X Yosemite is the beast for you.