Why PokemonGo is Stop Web Destination For Business Owners?

Pokémon GO has supposedly surpassed all the records of mobile apps that we have come across, and the icing on the cake is that it is not just the daily users those who are leveraging benefits from these, but also there are several users that are making use of this app in order to deliver the best of all the development.

As per SimilarWeb, an information technology company Pokémon Go has surpassed  the popularity of several mobile apps and is installed in most of the U.S. Android devices when compared to Tinder which is in the market for four years now. The company further adds that the app has the potential to have more active app users than that of Twitter.

As per reports on July 8 (just after two days of launch), users were on the app for about 43 minutes and 23 seconds on an average everyday, which is a large part of the time of what they sped on Whatsapp,  Facebook, Snapchat,  Instagram,  and Messenger.

The pandemonium is so much so that people those who are not playing it themselves might have heard about it. This popularity will certainly account in for a surge in  Android App development services in the business space.

This hype about the popularity and fuss about the app is very real which states that this mobile gaming app based on Augmented reality designed by Niantic Labs in partnership with The Pokémon Company have been adopted by the users in their daily routines.

Those who are still not aware of what Pokémon GO is must know that the app makes use of the GPS of your phone and camera so as to take a picture of the real world and turns it into an expansive hunting ground to catch the very famous cartoon creatures from the television series Pokemon.

This has also transformed the local stops as well as businesses into Gyms where you can get trainers so as to train their Pokémon so as to win the battle over other teams as well as PokéStops, which players can physically visit to get a stock for free accessories as well as items such as PokéBalls.

So, if your have a local business, then you need to consider downloading this game which is available free of cost in Google Play store and it is popular than Snapchat and Facebook messenger the stalwarts in the field. This feature brings to you good chance of being  PokéStops or Gyms and using this you can market these apps. Now that you are using this make sure to prepare for the heavy foot traffic on your store.

Make sure to leverage them effectively

Though still something concrete has not been achieved as of now this is not something which one can not imagine completely that allows numerous business owners to step towards a tone-deaf approach and make the Pokémon Trainers into a bad experience. You need to remember very well that luring a playing customer is quite subtle art which should be carried quite efficiently.

The original creator of Pokémon, Nintendo’s has reported that it has  50% after the launch of Pokémon Go, and it is certainly not the only beneficiary that holds the success of the game. Nintendo is the only the one-third owners of the game’s publisher called The Pokémon Company, that was formed in 1998 so as to manage the brand Pokémon.

Several business owners have already started taking the benefit from the app by offering Pokémon-themed goods. All they need is to invest around $10 in their lure modules which can help them to fetch a considerable rise in the development. You can even offer discounts on those who come to your store and showed their app.

Moreover, the craze has been so much so that the phone outlets are promoting phones that can easily run the app.

The Dallas Arboretum along with other museum as well as art gallery locations promotes that their grounds offer ample lot of PokéStops which encourages trainers to stop by and catch the Pokémons. It was further notices that around 60 percent of the users visiting the place played the game. A Grind located in California came up with a breath taking idea of offering a fresh lure if the users purchased more than 15 drinks.

Is AR here for brands to create an user experience for their brand?

It was said that AR will not hold a strong position until last five or ten years. Antonin Lhuillier, the incumbent managing director of  Gameloft, a North European game developer, opines that meteoric rise of Pokémon Go will restrict other brands from opting in for AR experiences as they might choose to partner with the popular gaming apps.

“Historically, brands would release native gaming apps of their own in an attempt to gamify their brand. What we see more of today is brands working with apps that already have massive audiences, integrating their brand in a natural way,” he adds. “This might be through sponsoring in-game tournaments, or providing bonus levels and content.”

Further, the marketers also predict that the game will have many copycats in the world as several premium brands will now end up making similar apps. Though people have taken the idea of the app to develop much more advanced apps and making the surrounding more real one.   Web modules at their best.

Wrapping it up!

Apart from the marketing perspective, there is no other way that brands can count on these gaming apps for rendering their clients the experience they wish to have. This brings to us the fact that no matter how many popular app come by, you will require a mobile app of your own to cater your clients which is not at all feasible with any other app.

Finding Out The Right Marketing Strategy For Your Gaming App

Games are undoubtedly one of the most in-demand mobile apps that we have. It is the frequent usage of games that accounts for the popularity of the mobile apps. However, the important question is that your game needs to be quite engaging enough which compels the users to use it several times in a day.

Wherein speaking of Apps that are in others categories fail to attract the kind of frequency with which the users get attracted to the gaming apps. High app usage frequency increases the chances of selling premium content that one can sell within the app.

However, one of the biggest challenge for a competent Android app developer is primarily to make a highly engaging app and another one is to make sure that the users find that your app exists. In short, make sure that your users discover your gaming apps quite easily.

Without the slightest doubt we know that the competition is among the millions of apps present out there and to get noticed among this plethora of apps is tough. In order to get discovered among the myriad of an app, you need Incentivized ads that can help you get a headstart. Incentive based ad network will make your app appear on other applications in the for of advertisements.

They can also appear in the format of advertisements. However, app walls are the most common form where you can find incentivized ads. One of the most common ways where one can create incentivized ads are the app walls. Moreover, the rewards are given according to the kind of game they appear in, and this can be delivered in the form of points, golds or coins.

After setting up an ad-inventory of yours, your get to see your app appearing on these walls. After your users install your app, they can also be promised a reward for this action.

What makes incentivized ads great for your games?

Incentivized ads are one of the most nominal strategies comparing the non-incentivized ads. The cost of per click for an incentive based ad is 20-40 cents. Wherein a non-incentivized advertisement will cost somewhere around $5-$6 per click. It has been noticed that 20% of the total installs come from incentivized campaigns.

This brings to you the possibility that your gaming app can reach the zenith using incentive-based ads and for this, you do not need a lot of time as the results are apparent quite frequently.

Monetization plays a crucial role in User Acquisition-

Promoting your gaming app via incentivized network will help you to see optimal results and success all you need to make sure that the game has optimal engagement factor, and the quality of the game is great.

Making use of user acquisition campaign to acquire a substantial volume of users will make you go for a dependable user base which of course works as a trigger to increase the usage of the game. This is where one can carry on a monetization campaign simultaneous with your game. In short, this means that your app will require several other apps as well as ads for rewards, and this is similar to the way you’re promoted in the beginning.

Those who have quite an engaging game will get to receive a good amount of profits from the advertisement. Apart from money which is, of course, an integral part of an ad network you get to run other things on your monetization campaign.

Wrapping up!

Incentivized ads have emerged out to be a great trigger that can help you to start away with an incredible app marketing campaign.

As we cannot deny the fact that discovering a mobile app is quite a  difficult challenge that we have these days, therefore it is required for everyone to transcend the threshold limit and make sure that the users know about your existence.

Incentive-based ads are quite incredible, and they help you to achieve this quite quickly. This ad campaign not only helps you to acquire initial users but your monetization campaign intends to get you users that bring value to your business through social referrals and also spread your business in their personal circle as well. Incentivized installs enable your app to get high CTR and lower down your CPC rates, and also add value for your money, quick app discovery among the users, and this increases the probability of your success. But at the end, everything simmers down to one point which is how engaging your mobile app is for the users.

Why UX Matters To Develop A Successful Mobile App?

No doubt that nowadays everyone is jumping on the mobile app development bandwagon in order to reap good business returns, and this is the reason why we have umpteen number of apps present out there on the app stores. Delving into mobile app development, one can clearly analyze the fact that the competition is quite stiff, and thus you need to extend your capabilities so as to deliver highly competitive projects.

Though one big difference among the apps that are highly grossing and those who are staggering hard to fetch a few downloads. Ideas are almost similar, but the difference lies in the execution process and how efficient the app is for the users.  No matter whether you are an iOS or professional Android development company all you need is to concentrate on user experience that you deliver.

Which means that what kind of user engagement the app renders to the users. The success of the app is contingent upon this factor.
To make an app which is for your audience, you need to render a seamless user experience for your apps. Off late, we have heard about two different terms, that are user experience and user interface, but there are very rare people who have been understanding the term quite discretely.

To know why UX is the crux of your web design we first need to know what the term means.

As per Wikipedia, UX is:

User experience (UX) involves a person’s behaviors, attitude, and emotions about using a particular product, system, or service.

UX  is the psychological and emotional response from your user application.

1. A Great UX Increases User Engagement:

Those apps that strike an emotional connection with the users will keep the users engaged, and this will bring the users back to the application. A new improved user engagement will make the users attracted towards the app and will fetch new audiences. The good UX certainly increases the user engagement factor of the app which improves the connectivity of the apps and messenger apps.

The more the seamless experience these apps would render the more people will share this as a word of mouth, for instance, candy crush, a gaming app where one can invite their near and dear ones to play the quest and compete for their scores. People have become ardent fans of this app and are also inviting others to enjoy the app.

2. UX plays a vital role in the sales of your eCommerce App:

Correct placement of your CTA button is one of the prime requirement in rendering a good users experience, and it should be done on the intuition of the fact that how the users are allowed to make the purchasing decisions that will help you to sell more.

Along with this, you have an ample lot of persuasive methods that can help the user’s a seamless browsing experience and hence helps them to increase the conversion rate.

3. Supporting proper In – App Monetization:

Those who might be requiring Freemium monetization as well as In-App ads that can help them to monetize their app, before developing the app one must analyze what all services a user requires and expects from your app.

Those who are targeting the gaming app they can use the pay per click ad campaign for products for home décor and this might not fetch you a lot of revenue from these clicks.

Likewise, after throwing an advertisement at the user must be in a quite subtle way and one must make sure to have a proper understanding of UX for good results.

4. A good UX requires no support:

Another major benefit of having an intuitive user experience is that the users do not have to waste their time in understanding the development process. Do not make the process complex as this will irate your users and by the time they will reach to their desired point they will get utterly frustrated and will abandon your app.

Make sure to determine the target user base before including your onboarding sessions and for this; you need to cater quite an inversive experience for your users.

All in all!

UX has certainly grown out to be one of the prime requisite when it comes to delivering apps for hand-held devices as the screen space is small yet you cannot compromise on the quality. Therefore, for this you need top notch developers for this task.

Android Apps: Giving Wings to Businesses

With the advent and the widespread use of smart phones, there has been a paradigm shift of the sorts in the business world. From mobile compatible websites and responsive design themes, to finally opting for mobile apps, in one way or the other, corporate houses are trying to tap into the flourishing business opportunities provided by mobile app development.

When we say mobile apps, we don’t necessarily mean iPhones apps. Giving the traditional market leader a run for their money are the easy to use and highly competitive Android apps. The traditional ways of conducting business are now clearing the pavement for a much smarter way, propelled by the world of smart phones and Android App Development.

In case the importance of android apps for your business has skipped your notice, here is a quick reminder of why a business needs them:

To stay in constant touch with your audience – An app takes a business to the very home screen of the mobile phones of the users. With just a touch of the finger, any user can simply get in touch with the business.

To ascertain the profits from niche marketing – These android apps are showcased fervently on the Google Play store. Besides, an app need not find the user as the user often finds the app; i.e. an app is downloaded, only when a user has typed the query for the same, or stumbled upon it from the Play Store. This significantly improves the chances of lead generation, since the user has already showed an interest in what the business does / offers.

Additional visibility – With the help of Android apps, businesses get easy and far increased visibility in the play store. Besides, now with apps, it is even easier to build an entire community around the business, all with the reviews and the feisty discussions that take place in the Play Store.

An increase in revenue – The point is so obvious that we feel silly in even stating that. But one cannot and should not and must not avoid the fact that mobile apps help in increasing the revenue drastically.

And that’s not all; businesses today are using other existing apps, in order to smooth track and streamline the way they work. Since it only seems pragmatic to change with the changing trends, you may want to try a few apps that would assist you in conducting your business.

Some of our favorite Android apps which assist in carrying out the businesses are:

Go To Meeting – this is one app which makes it very easy to organize a meeting, and ensure 100% attendance, even on a rainy day or if the participants are spread all over the globe. With the help of this app, one can organize and participate in meetings via tablets, exchange charts and Word files etc.

Fill and sign PDF forms – this app allows the users to easily fill-in and sign PDF forms simply with your Android device, in addition to allowing them to easily view, edit, save or send these PDF forms.

Cam Card – if you have a lot of business cards to manage, this app will assist you in the same. The cards are scanned and are kept at one easily accessible place in the phone’s memory.

That was all that we had to offer today. These android apps have significantly changed the way businesses work. Don’t lag behind, hire Android Programmers to get highly active, problem-solving and value-adding apps, and rejoice as you watch it give brand new wings to your business.