Android L VS KitKat- Which of the two is ruling the contemporary mobile market?

Time and now, Google has been announcing innovative versions for its Android operating system. After witnessing the incredible success of Android 4.4 KitKat, the company has come up with Android L, which has already started creating waves in the world of mobile operating systems. Keeping its promise to present something innovative with each Android OS version, Google is all geared up with its Android L operating system which will definitely render a brand new user experience. Announced at Google I/O 2014, Android L is definitely here to stay. Web developers who’ve installed it on their Nexus 5 have gathered a better insight on features which make it better than the previous Android version, KitKat. If you too want to take a sneak peek into the key differences between Android L and KitKat, this is a blog that will tell you all. Here, I’ve compared the two Android OS versions for you to have a better understanding of the same.

Android L VS Android KitKat- Multi-tasking
Unlike the apps developed using Android KitKat, the ones built on Android L come with a 3D rotary style view. All apps built on Android L come with a card and can be easily swiped off to the side for closing as normal. Android L has a new feature as per which the apps like Chrome will have individual cards for each open tab.

Android L VS Android KitKat- Notifications feature

Just like the sparkling perks of a reputable Android App Developing Company, there also exists the lock-screen and the notification within Android device, both show differently on Android L. The notifications are ordered by priority rather than chronologically, in Android L. Also, you can swipe the notifications away to the side as per usual, followed by double tapping to open the associated application. This feature is missing in Android KitKat.

Android L VS Android KitKat- Changes in Google Maps app
Yet another app which has undergone visible changes is Google Maps. In Android L, while the satellite icon is now placed at the search bar, the description about the location appears larger as compared to the previous version. Other areas which have been modified include font, color and icons. All these have been smoothened out in this latest Android OS version.

Android L VS Android KitKat- User Interface

Android L has undergone incredible amount of changes when it comes to the user interface. While the home screen buttons have been modified to game console-like icons, the icons within the Settings menu have also been styled for a greater visual appearance. If you’re keen on your app’s font, then Android L is your sweet surprise. The operating system version offers a less bolded font as compared to the one available with KitKat. Also, the notification icons are more lightweight and serve as a complete pleasure to the users’ eyes.

Android L VS Android KitKat- Security feature
Every skilled Android Application Developer and non-professional must be aware along with that fact that Android L is equipped with advanced security options based on user’s location and proximity. Unavailable for the developers, this latest security feature enables users to unlock their smartphone/tablet without the need for entering a PIN, pattern lock or any similar unlocking gesture.

Wrapping Up
So these were the considerable differences between Android KitKat and Android L. Hope you’d have found the information interesting. With all the aforementioned differences, it won’t be wrong to say that Android L will definitely overpower KitKat in the forthcoming weeks.