Swift: An all-new treat for iOS/OS X developers

Ever since its entry into the field of mobile app development, Apple has been launching innovative programming languages. The sole aim behind this is to make coding highly interactive and fun for iOS and OS X app developers. Latest one to join the suite of Apple’s programming languages is Swift. If you’ve been wondering about the features of this app development language, this is a blog that will tell you all. I’ve jotted down some vital assets of Swift, helping you learn more about the recently released iOS/OS X app development language.

What’s new in Swift?

  • Since, Swift works in collaboration with the traditional Objective C programming language, you may use it for developing new iOS and OS X apps or for improving the functionality of existing applications. As Apple’s newly-announced programming language, Swift brings in multiple benefits, marking a brand new revolution in how iOS/OS X developers have been builiding applications for iPhones and iPads. Unlike the highly vulnerable objective C programming language, Swift is a much more secure and reliable option for building high-end apps for Apple products. Doing away with the complications of Objective C, Swift replaces the same with a simplified syntax that’s easy to work on.

Features that make Swift a preferable choice among iOS/OS X app developers:

  • Interactive Playgrounds-

Along with so many leverages to almost every renowned iPhone Apps Development Company. In context of coding, playground refers to a system wherein the web developer can see the changes brought into the website as and when he/she tweaks the main code. Moreover, the developer can even choose to watch the code’s progress via the timeline assistant.

  • A contemporary approach to programming

Swift has emerged as a result of in-depth research conducted on a variety of programming languages. The named parameters fetched from Objective-C make Swift’s API easier to read. Also, the inferred types make the code cleaner and less prone to bugs. The automatic memory management feature saves you from the hassles of typing semi-colons after each line of code.

  • Robust and fast-

The sole aim behind developing Swift was to pace up iOS/OS X app development process usually followed by every skilled iPhone Application Developers. Equipped by an incredibly effective LLVM compiler, Swift lets you fine-tune the code to build apps that work flawlessly on a variety of Apple devices such as iPhones, iPads and Mac. The built-in syntax and standard library makes room for writing code in the best possible manner. Object-oriented features of Swift include protocols, classes, generics etc. that render developers the power and performance to build outstanding apps.

  •  Safe coding

Swift ensures to eliminate all classes of unsafe code via automatic memory management, checking the arrays and integers for overflow, switching safe patterns for Cocoa and Cocoa Touch APIs and initializing variables before use. Since an entire line of code can be easily replaced by a single characters, the apps developed using the Swift programming language are much more safer and reliable.

Although a majority of Apple developers haven’t started using Swift, the programming language definitely has the potential of rendering a brand new energy and zest to the Apple developer community.

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