iUI – A Javascript framework for developing scintillating web apps

The mobile app development industry has witnessed the rise and fall of numerous app development trends. And, talking about web frameworks, mobile app developers have been accessing lots of them for building high-end apps that run efficiently on a variety of hand-held devices such as smartphones, tablets, notebooks etc. iUI is one such fabulous web framework that has received several applauds for its utility and overall performance. With iUI, you can easily develop mobile web applications for devices that run on iOS. Keep on reading this blog as I’ll be unveiling some of the must-know features of this absolutely remarkable iPhone app development framework.

iUI JS- A closer look at it’s history

Developed by Joe Hewitt, iUI JS was originally introduced for iPhone app developers with the sole aim of converting standard HTML apps into the ones that adhere to all the standards laid down by Apple’s iPhone app development community. It was later that iUI started supporting the development of apps for smartphones and tablets.

iUI JS- What’s in store for iPhone app developers?
It might be possible that every iPhone Application Development Company have always faced difficulties in designing web applications. Thanks to the existence of iUI JS framework, it is now possible to create web apps that are equipped with a native look-alike feel. Rendering support for iOS, Android, OS6, RIM, WebOS, Bada etc., iUI works on all iPads and a majority of Android powered tablets. With a light-weight core code, iUI JS doesn’t include too many UI elements or transition styles, but it is efficiently incorporating an array of plugins, extensions and themes.

iUI JS- Interesting insights on installation and usage

It is interesting to learn the fact that iUI JS actually doesn’t require any installation. It is simply a framework that includes HTML, CSS, Image and JSS files that have been organized into a zipped folder. As an app developer, you just need to download the software program and extract its contents. Analysing the usage of iUI JS, you (being an iPhone app developer) can utilize iUI JS for creating standard HTML-based navigational menus and iPhone-style interfaces. One thing that you need to be aware of is that in order to get started with iUI JS, you need to have a fair knowledge of Javascript for being able to create web apps that suit varied purposes. The best part of using iUI JS is that you need not get involved in learning a brand new programming language. Even a plain understanding of HTML, CSS and Javascript will work in your favor. The easy-to-use WYSIWYG editor will enable you to render an iPhone-like user experience via all your web applications.

Wrapping it all up!
All the websites and web applications built using iUI JS have been successful in scaling new heights of success. iLounge, PocketLocator, Passage Weather and MedicoPedia are some of the finest examples of web apps that have been developed using the iUI JS framework. Here’s hoping the information covered above would have tempted you to choose iUI JS for all your upcoming web app development projects.

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