How To Hire An iOS Developer?

By the dawn of 2012, more than 1 Million apps were submitted to the iOS store. Was your business app in there? No? Don’t worry. The year 2013 is equally promising. With the number of iPhone users rocketing with each passing day, profit margins associated with apps is also surging. So, you still have the time to dive in! But, wait! How will you work on your innovative app idea without a dexterous mind?

As you start the process of incepting an iPhone application, you need a dedicated mind which can work rigorously on the idea. In case, you don’t have a skilled iOS developer on board, you will need to hire one. The process to hire iPhone developers can be painstaking and time consuming. But if you are rooted to the basics, things are simplified. Throughout the process of hiring, simply keep two things in mind- hire the best and hire at the best price. Still confused? Here are some expert tips that will guide you through your app development journey and aid you in hooking the right resource.

#1.) Draw up Documentation: Documenting your project is very essential. Have a detailed scope document handy, and distribute it amongst the prospect iPhone developers who are bidding on your project. This way, each developer will be able estimate the exact functionality, features and specifications which are to be incorporated in the app. This way all the candidates will be on the same page.

#2.) Bring On Bids: Invite multiple bids for your project. Having numerous dexterous brains bidding for your project is a great option from both feasibility and marketing point of view. You may presume yourself to know all it takes to build an iPhone app, but inputs from experienced developers always work towards broadening your horizon. Furthermore, greater number of bids would mean greater number of feedbacks about the conception of your app.

#3.) Play Ball on Price: Once you have pegged a developer, it is time to play the price game. Actualize a final price before starting the project and get it penned down. Having financial terms in writing is very crucial. Make sure there is a mutual understanding about the payment terms- how will the payment happen and when. Traditionally, developers are paid 50% of the agreed amount before beginning, 25% on the completion of some milestone and 25% once the app gets accepted at iStore. But this schedule can vary depending upon the person you have on board.

#4.) Access Apple ID: Finally! You have an iOS developer on board. It’s time for you to register at the Apple store as an official developer. If you wish to sell your app without the involvement of any third-party, you will need an Apple developer ID. It will help you in configuring your bank account details for direct fund transfer. The iPhone development company that you hire will then submit the furbished app to the store for approval on your behalf.

Bringing skilled iPhone resources on board is a long haul. But once you have the right brain working on your project, all you need to do is to relax and wait for the astounding outcome.

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