Everything Thing To Be Announced At Google I/O 2016

The tech giant Google mothership remains a sprawling with a launch of its new parent company called Alphabet. So it is quite unsurprising that Google I/O conference will cover a continent of territory. During the event, the popular app development agency took throughout the journey of its upcoming tools and technologies.

So if you’re holding an Android app development company here is a massive opportunity for you. Here is a quick discussion if you’ve missed anything.

Google iO 2016

1. Android

The Tech giant Google released the preview of its upcoming Android N. It uncovered the new capabilities of the preview version which include support of VR with the use of Daydream platform, automatic removal of less frequently used apps from the home screen of the smartphone, etc. The company is all set to release a beta-quality release candidate.

The new Android N will be incorporated with the Vulkan graphics which will assist in enhancing the performance and framework security. The “N” in the Android N stands for “Nothing at the moment” as there were few options with the Google.

Another major goal of Android is to increase the efficiency of Android Smart Watches. It has promised to offer better fitness support, phone-free operation, better battery life, and smarter operation. Instant App is another great effort by Google at improving efficiency, to streamline the integration between the mobile Web and standalone mobile apps.

2. Android VR

Earlier it was a dream phase for the customers. Google’s I/O 2016 has introduced a VR Headset similar to cordless and smaller Oculus Rift. Moreover, it is expected that it is going to be more sophisticated and efficient than cardboard and cost-effective than Oculus Rift.

3. Smart Home

Google has now applied artifical intelligence to improve the capabilities and entice more communication by enhancing its conversational skills and ability to predict queries and results. Apart from this, appearing on mobile, it is also all set to launch Google Home. It will be a significant challenge to the Amazon Echo. It appears to be a speaker and works with Google Cast. This will help you to access, all your permission, of your Google-stored personal information, for instance, calendar.

4. Communication

After the Google Hangouts, Google is now all set to say Allo to Facebook Messenger and some extent, SnapChat. It’ll hop into your discussions to suggest responses irrespective of photo content. It may also get into the phase when it sees comment it can help for example reserve a seat in the closest restaurant that has the type of cuisine you’re texting about. You may also use Allo in the incognito window and delete the conversation.

Wait! There is more. It also has Google Duo video chat option When the text doesn’t cut it, you may use this basic application. Unlike Hangouts, it’s designed for one-to-one communication. It is an application for Apple Facetime and Microsoft Skype. The best part here is you may see the video preview of the caller before answering, a feature called Knock Knock. It will be available for both Android as well as iOS features.

5. Developer tools

Google has extended its features on Firebase. It is a comprehensive platform for developing and managing Android, iOS and web apps. It has been supplied with additional new tools which will help to improve the app quality, examine and engage users in enabling monetization. Firebase Analytics is a free deeply integrated analytics service for mobile apps. It will also assist the developers to analyze their user behavior more in detail and how their advertising campaigns are performing. Google Cloud base messaging is now referred as Firebase Cloud messaging. Firebase storage is now live and used for Google Cloud storage.


Google is putting more efforts to bring more AI, machine training, and computer vision APIs into its cloud platform. It is adding the hardware faster, and few Tensor Processing Units to change the response on artificial-intelligence-based and deep-learning computing.

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