Easy Steps To Convert Your WordPress Site Into An App

Did you ask “Why Make An App At First Place”?

Apps might not be pivotal for marketing anymore, but they are quite convenient for your customers – offering them an extensive array of choices as to how they would interact with your website.

With the exponential rise in mobile internet – more and more people access the internet through mobile apps rather than desktops. Moreover, apps are blossoming, as most are nowhere as near to bumbling or daunting like typical web browsers.

Nevertheless, the evaluation of cost and fizzle involved has dropped down to a significant level with WordPress Website Development. In earlier days, many businesses were interested in building an app for their business, but most were not able to because of the complexities involved.

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But, fortunately, things are different now.

Thanks to “WordPress Customization”. You don’t need much more coding and finances to develop a competent app or transform the present WordPress website to an app. Converting your WordPress website into a mobile app is easier than you think. With the help of the right plugin, it’s a walk of cake to provide users with an unforgettable user experience.

Here in this post, we’ll start from understanding the subtle difference between dynamic and responsive website to an app. Then, will dive deep into acknowledging some plugins to use for converting your website into an app.

Know-How : Dynamic & Mobile Friendly Website Vs Apps
It is evident, making the content easily accessible for smart screens and phones is important. However, it seems like sitting on the fence to opt for an app when you already have a mobile-friendly website.

After all, an app is a significant investment, and this is not the right time to gush down your hard-earned dollars on unnecessary features. Thus, breaking it down, mobile sites and apps serve distinctive features. And, having both helps you sheath your users with everything they need while growing and maintaining the brand.

51% of smartphone users state that they find new products and brands through mobile searches. Unlike the app, your website is easily accessible to anyone on the internet, not confined to existing users. Therefore, having a responsive website that is Search Engine Optimized is indispensable to accomplish new leads.

Also, a responsive website is an essential factor in creating your brand’s credibility. 57% of internet users don’t recommend brands without a mobile-friendly website. Thus, having a high-end app isn’t beneficial if you are not able to get users interested in your brand.

On the contrary, Native mobile apps are much more useful than responsive websites when it comes to retaining users. A dab of factors are pocketed below:

  • l Improved UX by inculcating the app with mobile enrich functionalities like Camera, touch ID, and lot more.
  • l Mobile app gratify better performance that consists of quicker loading speed.
  • l Push notifications building brand awareness.

So, before jumping to nutshell to decide for one. It’s better to cherish the combined benefits of a responsive website with a mobile app and gratify the best of both the world. When you can instantly, efficiently, and without breaking your pocket, develop an app-based off your WP site, there are still more reasons to pass up on this opportunity.

What Options You Have? Which Way Should You Proceed?
While it’s a perplexing task to choose one way for creating your mobile app, hiring a firm to help you create an app requires a little effort on your part, but on the same note it’s time consuming and a bit inclined towards the expensive side. And, you can wait for few more months and spend thousands of dollars.

Alternatively, you can hire WordPress developers who are well-versed with every nook and niche in the WP world, proffering much faster approaches in comparison to conventional app development methods. Mostly, this route fits the best.

Top-Most WordPress Plugins For Mobile App Conversions
As WordPress plugins are the most easily accessible option for creating a clone app for your WP website, we have clutched a few of the top choices. Here are top four choices you might consider using.

1. Andro App
If you are not ready to break your budget to what MobiLOud offers than Andro App comes into the big picture. It is a reliable choice among the several WordPress website developments to quickly create an app for your WordPress website.

Within a few minutes, you can have a testable app complete with the customized feature of your choice.

Vital Elements

  • - Provides option to monetize your WP mobile app via AdMob and Appnext.
  • - Consist of large number of themes.
  • - Includes unlimited push notifications, custom branding, and caching support.
  • - It is easy and simple to install.

With benefits, there comes some drawbacks. It is not compatible with WooCommerce and Buddypress, and even is not helpful to create and app compatible with iOS. With all these, it comes in an affordable cost.

2. AppPresser
Another option we recommend is AppPresser. Instead of converting your WordPress website into an app, it connects an app made with AppPresser service to your website. This provides you with total control over your platform’s design, along with a visual builder similar to the WordPress customizer.

Vital Elements

  • - It let user design their app using AppPresser’s easy-to-use builder.
  • - Provides instant visual feedback with its live app preview.
  • - Consist access to device functionality including cameras, contracts and etc.
  • - It proffers features such as push notifications, Facebook login, and social sharing.

To start working with it, you need an AppPresser Account, and the cost varies as per the advance feature. Instead, it’s better to have experienced WordPress developers to do it for you without any hassle.

3. MobiLoud
MobiLoud is a trusted choice to convert your WordPress website into a native mobile app for Android and iOS. It comes along with a customizable app that inculcates that consisting your present theme and plugins, including the e-commerce plugin like woocommerce.

In addition, MobiLoud’s team is on toes to handle the developing and publishing procedures, as well as to lend their exclusive support.

Vital Elements

  • - Crafted specifically for high-traffic WordPress website.
  • - White labels your app so no Mobiloud branding is seen.
  • - Offers a comprehensive service, consisting of publishing your app to the App store and Google play store.
  • - Includes industry standards features, like offline support and push notifications.

In comparison to the average development company, MobiLoud develops app fast and is an affordable option. All you need to do is partner with the best in class WordPress development company.

4. WPMobile.Ap

Finally, the last plugin we suggest to look into is WPMobile.Ap . This quality app plugin enables you to convert your WordPress website into an app for Android, iOS, or the hybrid app. It is easy and simple to use, with installation and customization choices available right in your WordPress dashboard.

Vital Elements

  • - Includes standard features such as offline content and push notifications.
  • - Free app testing.
  • - Provides infinite updates and support.
  • - Integrates with Weglot to convert your app

WPMobile.Ap is a pocket-friendly solution as it is to hire WordPress developers. It distinctively offers lifetime licenses, which means you don’t have to carry the onus of subscription renewals and recurring fees.

Usually, an app builds for iOS or Android costs around $79, or for both; it will be around $140.

The Unskippable Part : QA Your Application After Completion
Quality Assurance Testing is an unskippable part of mobile app creation. It’s always better to assure your platform works and is bug-free before you make it available to the user. To some, this can be challenging, as there are some device formats, screen sizes, and hardware configurations to be taken in count.

The quality assurance testing process typically consists of usability, functionality, and compatibility assessment on distinctive devices. Further, your app will step ahead to beta testing, as well as performance and browser analysis.

If you decided to move ahead with MobiLoud, their WordPress developers also manage to test for you. Similarly, WPMobile.App also provides a free testing platform for the use. Else, it would be best if you looked into different device emulators that can show you how your app looks and works on different devices.

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