FIFA Fever: 5 Best Mobile Apps to Catch Live all the World Cup 2014 Action

Bosses, wives, girlfriends/boyfriends can whine as much as they want, go wherever they fancy, buy whatever they wish; because for the next few weeks, Soccer-crazed fans simply don’t care!

FIFA 2014 Soccer World Cup kicked off in style with Hero Neymar emerging as the true blue hero of the opening day of the biggest sporting spectacle on planet earth.

Folks have set the WC’s itinerary as their PC’s wallpaper, put all their money on the favorite players, fixed a beer date with their pals and are dressed in the colors of their favorite teams.

But not everyone is lucky enough to have a TV set nearby to glug up all the action as it happens, but there’s nothing exciting about watching the repeat runs when predictability kills the screaming and chanting instincts! So, if you missed the live action OR if there is any chance in hell that you won’t be near your TV set for the upcoming matches, we bring you some of the very best apps to keep you glued to all the action as the Brazuca gets kicked around:

#1.) – FIFA Official App

Price: Free

Availability: App Store | Google Play

Well, this one had to be too obvious to miss. FIFA official app will be covering every inch of World Cup action.

Stay glued to the real-time football scores, to how the teams are faring as the event progresses, to the red and yellow cards being tossed around, to the most mind-boggling goals scored.

#2.) – Goal Live Scores

Price: Free

Availability: Android Store

As the name suggests, this one doesn’t let you fall behind. The football scores are updated in real time.

You are directly connected to the page dedicated to the current match.

#3.) – LiveSoccer World Football Cup

Price: Free

Availability:  Google Play

The goal alerts won’t even need you to exercise your fingers. The push notifications further give this app a velvet touch.

Get extensive match analysis, expert commentary, the head to head report card and much more.

#4.) – 2014 Table

Price: Free

Availability: Google Play

Know how your team is faring in the points table and this app gives you that info in a pretty fuss free visual setup.

Get information about the teams that have qualified, how a group is placed for the best teams, the match schedules, fixtures and much more.

#5.) – Team Stream

Price: Free

Availability: App Store

If you wish to stay up to date with all the conversations happening around your team, then TeamStream is what you need!

Now, you don’t miss when Ronaldo stirs some news off the field!

So, get set and hit the download button. It’s not everyday that Soccer World Cup is in town. Glug its madness till you are giddy!

Mobile App Development: Does it Cost You a Bomb?

Mobile apps have risen to fame quite penetratingly, understandably so. The way they have altered the very nature of communication and infotainment has bought the farfetched rationalizations to reality. As users, we all have our own set of utilities when it comes to mobile apps – for chit-chatting with friends, for playing games, or for more serious business endeavors. Talking of business, the enterprises – both start-ups and multinationals – have been leveraging mobile apps to take their business to the doorsteps of their customers. Apparently, they have met with better results than ever before, which proves that the trend is not a passing one. Mobile advertising has given marketers new reasons to cheer by making their jobs more lucid.

As for an app developer or app development companies, not only are they generating huge revenues by the means of selling their apps, but the brands that display their ads alongside the apps pay hefty amounts as well. So far, so good, but is it all like what it appears to be? App development involves weaving a setup that involves fair bit of costs, not to mention, an investment in intelligence and logics. But let’s keep it to the former; how do you estimate the costs you have to incur while developing an app? These are questions that mustn’t go unrequited. Let’s take a look at the factors which dictate the mobile app development cost:

The App Breeds

Nothing dictates the price tag more than the ‘type’ factor. The mobile apps are not short on varieties, and each is different from the other based on how well it’s equipped with features

  • Apps with the most elementary features do not require a great set up to build them. And thus, they are cheaper to create.

  • The business app call for more investment in money as they need to be more feature-packed for letting business create some positive noise in the market

  • Game apps take the complexity levels to a whole new height as they are made with a go-for-broke aspiration and have to cut-through a huge competition.

Considering the Actual Costs

  • How Deep are Your Pockets

Get a clear understanding of how much can you spend on an app. You won’t like either of the possibilities to come true – overshooting the budget or under-utilizing it. Take into account the cost incurred while developing the app and the amount that will be spent marketing it. The budget evaluation will help you determine how much can you spend on injecting app with different features and whether those features grab any eyeballs. Afore-mentioned, elementary-level apps would hardly shake your pockets, but when you are going for games, you have to prepare yourself for bigger investments

  • Cost Associated with Hiring Designers and Developers

While there is no dearth of them, the capable app developers and designers are still hard to find. The right talent can make the development process a rewarding one as it can introduce functionalities that haven’t made presence in the market yet. Again, hiring developers comes with a barrage of cost factors, you need to look in the right places to get your hands on people who know their job and know it well enough.

  • How Much Do You Want to Deck it Up

The path-breaking features may not draw audience all at once if it is not backed by amiable designs. To create designs that suit the visual sensibilities of your audience, you need to pay attention to each detail like app icon, the screen effects, the icons on tab, even the welcome and exit screens.

  • Submitting the App to the Stores

Don’t be under a fallacy that you can leave it to the later stages. Evaluating how much you will have to eventually spend on submitting the app to stores in advance is highly recommended.

It all boils down to the expected ROI. Considering the possibility that you spent more than you intended to, it’s not going to hurt if the app gives you stupendously rich returns.

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