App Store Guidelines To Get Your iOS App Approved

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Unlike other mobile application stores, Apple is very particular about each and every app submitted to it. It is the strict policy and guidelines that have enabled Apple to feature some of the premium applications on the App Store. Although Google outperforms Apple when it comes to downloads, Apple is way ahead when it comes to generating revenue from the mobile apps.

With no upper limit to make money from the featured apps, Apple has made iOS development a golden mine for developers. Third party iOS app developers do their best to match with the high standards. If an app developer tries to bypass the guidelines of the App Store, Apple will simply reject the app and may ban the developer from future submissions.

  • Before you submit your app, make sure that it does not have any bugs, do not crash or does not perform the way it was stated. Moreover, specify all the features of the app beforehand. There is a different category for beta versions of the app, so the developer follows the TestFlight Beta Testing guidelines.

  • The app size should not surpass the size limit of 100 MB. According to the App Store Data guidelines, all the data (except the temp, app bundle and cache directories) is backed up. So, if the app requires storing any further data, it should be enabled with the “do not back up” function. 

  • The iOS mobile application development should make use of iOS SDK, JavaScript and Webkit for app development.

  • Do not use any non-public APIs and codes.

  • Especially for the iOS game developers, the app should be in sync with the Siri remote, if it is meant to work with Apple TV. Also, the app should not reveal the player ID to other app users.

  • If the iOS app uses the push notification APIs, it should ask for the user’s permission before it displays any notification. The guidelines are same for the applications that make use of location APIs to collect and transmit location data.

  • Keep the app name unique. When Flappy bird topped the Apple Store, all the apps that had similar names were put down, even if their content was original. Instead of getting accused of copying other apps, it better to keep the name and content unique.

In order to maintain an amazing user experience, Apple encourages third-party iOS developers to make use of the SDK and other resources to build unmatched apps for different iOS devices. iOS app developers should focus on the main function of the app and avoid using heavy user interface elements to avoid the app from getting slow. A good iOS app will always have translucent components and font which focus on the main data.

Once your app successfully makes it to the app store, it will take some time to gradually getting a good response. With hundreds of iOS apps getting submitted from all over, the App Store is brimmed with apps of all kinds. Yet, only a handful of them will be successful. Apple makes sure that it delivers only the best to keep the reputation on a high, and expects the same from the app developers. 

Why you should hire experts for iOS app development?

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Gone are the days when most of the business organisations use to choose Android for the app development projects. Today the scenario has completely changed, within 3-4 years iOS has taken over the mobile app development market and right now it owns the centre stage. More people are using iOS-powered devices and it is predicted that this trend will continue to grow for a very long time.

The iPhone apps will enjoy more prominence than they do today and this is an area business should tap into. After all, it pays a lot to invest in a technology or platform that is most famous in the market. Seeing the rising use of iPhone apps, there’s a great demand for iPhone developers and you can locate the best firm for your development project. Nowadays, almost all the firms are looking out for the experienced developers who realise their objective and give a definitive shape to their app idea.

With iOS updates coming to market on regular basis, it has become quite crucial for the companies to leverage a platform that is budding and offers a lot of untapped potentials. With the help of right apps, any firm can reach to their target audience & realise it’s to goals in a proper manner. All this can be possible only when the expert developers are appointed who know how to carry out whole development process.

It will be good if you hire those iPhone app Developers who have a good amount of experience in handling app development process and are capable of developing iPhone apps for clients as per the industry standards. It is seen that rising usage and popularity of the iPhone apps have completely changed the complexion of the app development sphere. This changing trend has also changed the priorities of business owners who were earlier using Android compatible apps.

It’s good to have an expert by your side as they know in and out of this process and can keep your brand value intact. Moreover, a skilled developer can deliver an error-free app that will help you add a level of productivity to your business. These experts are familiar with all the latest tools and they know how to make the optimum use of these technologies. As these developers are associated with reputed firms, they know how to communicate with the clients and updating them on the progress of their project.

Another benefit of hiring an expert is that they are also available at the time of crisis. In case your app is facing an issue, you can contact them and get your problem resolved that too in a very less time. They keep nothing in dark, consult clients whenever needed and work according to the client’s guidelines because of which they are able to come up with advance & high-performing apps.

In a very less time, several iPhone app development company have shown up in the market. But before you appoint someone for your project it will be good if you do a complete background check of the developer. You should scan all his past projects and clientele which will help you gain enough knowledge about the developer’s creativity. Moreover, you can also opt for services of an offshore firm as they offer same quality services but at affordable prices. Overall, experienced developers should be trusted to get high-performing iPhone apps and realise the goal of the business in an expected manner.

How To Hire A Reliable App Development Company?

If you are looking forward to launching a new mobile app or want to shift from Android to iOS & vice versa then you need to look out for the services of skilled & highly experienced developer who not only possesses right tools in his arsenal but is also familiar with the both Android & iOS ecosystem. Due to the sudden surge in the usage of the mobile device (smartphone & tablet), the demand for app developers has also increased.

In this blog, you will read about few helpful tips that will assist you in locating a reliable and pocket-friendly Mobile app development company that will provide you with a feature rich and fully functional app. You can also take help of the internet which will help you shortlist few potential developers for your app development project.

Chalk out your requirements

While searching for an app developer make sure you chalk out the details of your project. You should properly define your needs and requirements so that the developer can quickly understand your vision and instantly designs the rough draft of your app. Moreover, the app developer with plenty of field experience can offer you great advice regarding the interface and functionality of your app.

Mobile application development services

Do the necessary market research

Market research plays a pivotal role in the app development process. Before you actually head to the market to hire mobile developers, it will be good if you properly research for your target audience, their behavior, ongoing market trends and the essential features which you can add in your app. The greater clarity you will have about your project more quickly you will be able to accomplish your goal. Make sure you hire someone who meets your requirements in a convenient manner.

Setup a reasonable budget

The app development costs completely depend on the features, designs and functionalities which you are planning to integrate into your app. An app can cost you from $5000 to $100,000 and sometimes even more. Besides, hiring a developer from your country you can also search offshore developers who offer same quality services but many affordable prices. Having a prescribed budget gives a clear indication that there is a certainty in your project. Even the app developers love to work with the companies which have a good budget for their apps.

Ask about the developer’s previous projects and contributions

Past projects and clientele help in deciding whether to hire that particular developer or not. Before appointing a developer for your project it will be good that you can ask him about how many apps they have developed till now, any app published on App Store or Google Play, a number of active users and downloads. It will be good if you hire someone who has to build any app related to your project. Moreover, you should also check out the type of SDKs they use and app testing tools a developer has.

All the questions mentioned in this blog will surely help you have a better understanding of the Mobile app developer’s creativity and experience. It will be good if you hire someone who uses latest tools and techniques while developing an app and also sticks to the guidelines laid down by the different app stores. Make sure you test & re-test the functionalities of the app before publishing it on the app store.   

4 Must-Have iOS Apps Of 2016

If we go ahead and pen down the uses and the flexibility the iOS apps have brought in our lives, the list would be never-ending. Yet, from an ocean of apps to choose from, we need to consider that which one of these are actually productive on a daily basis? Considering all the major criteria, from user interface to battery consumption, here are the best 4 iOS apps, which are a must have in your iPhone.

  • iPhone Apps Development ServicesArgus Heath and Calorie Counter

The app is popular among fitness enthusiasts all over the world. The Argus Heath and Calorie Counter measures the daily calorie intake of the app user. Many of the mobile app development services have also reviewed it as a 5-star application. The app also consists of a bar code scanner, and prepares custom weight loss plans according to the user. The app does not drains away the battery, which is an added bonus. You can also connect with the other app users and share your results and stats with them.

  • GoodLook

The GoodLook app for iOS is a responsive virtual adviser that helps you to be updated about the latest styles and trends of the world. The app consists of articles that features data about the patterns that are the latest in style commercial ventures. The user can pick from a wide range of coordinating tips according to his preference. The final arrangement of looks can be accessed in the Goodlook app. To sign-in to the app, you can use the Facebook login option for instant access. The app lets you get to the trending fashion blogs on Instagram and lifestyle options.

  • Square FX

For the ones who love Instagram, cropping an image is sometimes a real problem while the image has to fit in the square frame. The Square FX is a wonderful result of iPhone apps development and is helpful to get rid of cropping or resizing the pictures as per the requirement. Apart from the re-size feature, you can also change colors, frames and styles of the image. The edited photos are also saved in the gallery for future use. You can also add a background to the images which includes patterns and gradients. The latest version is free of bugs from the previous one, making the app more sharp to get along.

  • Prisma

Prisma is a wonderful app which turns your images into custom works of art. The app uses a brew of server-side networks and AI to convert the captured images into a variety of photos with specialized effects with the styles like Picasso or Mondrian. All you have to do as a user is to select the desired image you want to edit, crop it and choose from the list of effects. You can swipe from left to right to preview different effects, as the preview is available on the top of the screen. Once you pick a certain effect, you can share the photo instantly on Facebook or Instagram.

Apple iOS 8.1.2- Will it please or offend the users?

The release of iOS 8 has played a vital role in meeting the customized requirements of iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users across the globe. Being one of the long awaited Apple operating system versions, iOS 8 has been equipped with major bug fixes that were necessary for resolving the ongoing issues with the iOS version 7. Likewise, considering the need for fixing the bugs available in the iOS8 version, Apple went beyond boundaries to introduce the iOS 8.1.2 version. Quite surprised by this latest iOS8 release, Apple product consumers have always waited for a version that can aid them in developing applications that can run flawlessly on a variety of devices that are being powered by iOS.

What’s the aim behind releasing Apple iOS 8.1.2?
Unlike the pre-existing iOS versions, the iOS 8.1 version has been specially released to allow users to retrieve the iTunes ring-tones that have formerly been disappeared from their iPhone, iPad or iPod touch devices. Apple has now set up a dedicated URL( that can be utilized for recovering the iTunes ring tones that have been accidentally removed from the device. While the latest iOS version 8.1.2 occupies only about 28.2 MB of memory space, there are multiple issues which haven’t been resolved in this operating system version. Some of the noticeable problems that still haven’t been resolved in iOS 8.1.2 include battery issues, Wi-Fi issues, Bluetooth issues and many more. It is due to this reason that Apple consumers are counting on the next iOS8 release that would be more stable and would also offer suitable solutions for a wide range of issues that exist in the iOS8 version.

Developers’ take on Apple iOS 8.1.2 release

An important point to be noted about iOS 8.1.2 is that the build of this operating system hasn’t been designed keeping in mind the requirements of iOS / iPhone application developers who need to perform an advanced testing of the operating system prior to updating their in-use operating system. Discussions are on, regarding the release of iOS 8.2 version that would include some major hooks for the Apple Watch ecosystem. It is expected that this iOS version would be released around mid to late February in the year 2015. Until that time, it would be interesting to see how the casual Apple users are embracing the iOS 8.1.2 release.

Jailbreaking has exposed the hollow iOS release 8.1.2
Although it is being pre-assumed that an iOS update would usually shut down the tasks of the jailbreaking community, the scenario has not been the same for the all-new iOS 8.1.2 release. As an unusual move by Apple, iOS 8.1.2 has actually not been that successful in filling up the loopholes available in the existing iOS 8 version. With just being restricted to aid Apple in earning money via iTunes ringtones, this recent iOS update has been jailbroken in order to detect the bugs and other vulnerabilities that have not been addressed in the format that they should have been. A crippled Wi-Fi network, major Bluetooth bugs and a chronic battery drain have been the key issues that haven’t been fixed in iOS 8.1.2.

iUI – A Javascript framework for developing scintillating web apps

The mobile app development industry has witnessed the rise and fall of numerous app development trends. And, talking about web frameworks, mobile app developers have been accessing lots of them for building high-end apps that run efficiently on a variety of hand-held devices such as smartphones, tablets, notebooks etc. iUI is one such fabulous web framework that has received several applauds for its utility and overall performance. With iUI, you can easily develop mobile web applications for devices that run on iOS. Keep on reading this blog as I’ll be unveiling some of the must-know features of this absolutely remarkable iPhone app development framework.

iUI JS- A closer look at it’s history

Developed by Joe Hewitt, iUI JS was originally introduced for iPhone app developers with the sole aim of converting standard HTML apps into the ones that adhere to all the standards laid down by Apple’s iPhone app development community. It was later that iUI started supporting the development of apps for smartphones and tablets.

iUI JS- What’s in store for iPhone app developers?
It might be possible that every iPhone Application Development Company have always faced difficulties in designing web applications. Thanks to the existence of iUI JS framework, it is now possible to create web apps that are equipped with a native look-alike feel. Rendering support for iOS, Android, OS6, RIM, WebOS, Bada etc., iUI works on all iPads and a majority of Android powered tablets. With a light-weight core code, iUI JS doesn’t include too many UI elements or transition styles, but it is efficiently incorporating an array of plugins, extensions and themes.

iUI JS- Interesting insights on installation and usage

It is interesting to learn the fact that iUI JS actually doesn’t require any installation. It is simply a framework that includes HTML, CSS, Image and JSS files that have been organized into a zipped folder. As an app developer, you just need to download the software program and extract its contents. Analysing the usage of iUI JS, you (being an iPhone app developer) can utilize iUI JS for creating standard HTML-based navigational menus and iPhone-style interfaces. One thing that you need to be aware of is that in order to get started with iUI JS, you need to have a fair knowledge of Javascript for being able to create web apps that suit varied purposes. The best part of using iUI JS is that you need not get involved in learning a brand new programming language. Even a plain understanding of HTML, CSS and Javascript will work in your favor. The easy-to-use WYSIWYG editor will enable you to render an iPhone-like user experience via all your web applications.

Wrapping it all up!
All the websites and web applications built using iUI JS have been successful in scaling new heights of success. iLounge, PocketLocator, Passage Weather and MedicoPedia are some of the finest examples of web apps that have been developed using the iUI JS framework. Here’s hoping the information covered above would have tempted you to choose iUI JS for all your upcoming web app development projects.

Making Sure Your iPhone App Development Endeavor is Rewarding

Every iPhone development company wants its own place under the sun. iPhone development is a massively growing field, owing to the growing demands of Smartphones and the reliable standards Apple has set it with its range of iDevices.

Now, whether you are an individual or a company looking to develop iPhone apps that are meant to make a deepset impact in the market, you need the right approach and the right use of technology to take strides towards empowered and consistent growth.

Now, there is no secret mantra to creating a successful iPhone app. It rather is a concoction of several factors. If you are into the business of iPhone App Development Services, you would need highly skilled personnel to create apps that can make headways into the market and capture the attention of the potential buyers with great effect and precision. The seasoned developers not only are adept at the basics and the overall SDK environment, but they also happen to be experienced in the most advanced concepts of Objective C and other tools and technologies that can buoy your business above and beyond the reach of your closest competitors.

The experienced developers are also eyeing innovation at every step. They have a very open ended approach where they think out of the box to create solutions the likes of which can’t be easily found in the market place. They helps a great deal in giving the apps launched from your brand an exclusive character, thereby giving your brand an exclusive character. Once innovation becomes a strong suit of your brand, there are always great times ahead. Whether it is good word or bad feedback, both spread like wildfire in the market. And when you are offering your buyers something new and something reliably robust, you can be rest assured it will show in your sales. Such developers can also know how to tailor the development environment to suit your business needs. Even if your business neds are diverse, the iPhone platform’s capabilities and the skills of seasoned developers can easily sail you through without much hiccups.

So, when you are out there scouting for iPhone developers, make sure that the traditional methods of hiring is not all you are gunning for. Iphone app development is a field that is filled with great programmers, but all can be found by positing vacancies on the job portals that are available online and offline. A new way that emerged to be much more dependable today is hiring programmers from the developer’s communities on the Internet.

iPhone programming being as popular as it is boasts of some massive communities that comprise of the developers of the highest caliber. These developers are highly skilled and very spontaneous when it comes to problem solving. You can get the testament for it through the question and answers session these communities here some folks ask questions, which are answered by different developers. It is easy to gauge the skills of a developer by scrolling through his or her answers posted on the site.

Apple Pay: What Makes it the Choicest Payment System

Apple Pay has indeed arrived with a lot of fanfare, but not without a reason. The digital wallets of the average shoppers are always looking for a more straightforward way of buying things, and Apple Pay seems to be accomplishing this most perfectly.

Apple, right from the get-go, let enough buzz build around its latest goody and claimed that the launch this new payment system is as big an event for them as the launch of any avant-grade iPad or iPhone. And from the moment the first vibrations about the Apple Pay were felt, the rumor mills have been enduring the daily grind over the supposed features and capabilities that this new system would swing at us. Thankfully, Apple didn’t let all the excitement be for nothing. Apple Pay is a blockbuster payment system, and one that is deemed to find maximum takers. The focus has really been oscillating between Apple Pay, and Custom iPhone App Development, and both are affecting trends positively.

Meanwhile, Apple isn’t the Pioneer When it Comes to Using NFC

In its bare bones, Apple Pay makes use of the near field communication technology (NFC), which gives it a wherewithal to complete transactions with a wave. But before you jump the guns, this is not a technology that just popped up from nowhere. NFC has been in existence since the last 15 years, and has already powered a reasonably wide variety of electronic systems. Granted, not many use it, but that does not make it new-fangled.

Apple Has Indeed Thrown in Some New Ingredients

The cards and payment industry has never been ironclad. It has allowed itself to be reinvented consistently over the last few decades. The swipe terminals gained enough leverage, and so did the swipe-free terminals. The whole Swipe-concept was making news for all the right and the wrong reasons and that’s when Apple decided to step in. Sensing that its competitors could not rally the same to the finish line, Apple has made foray with an ambition to set a few things right and set a few benchmarks in the process.

Without further ado, let us understand how it all works out. Apple Pay is only supported by iPhone 6 and the Plus version of it, as only these two devices support the new hardware that comes along with NFC chipset and the security component.

The process is triggered by you getting your phone integrated with the credit card. Now, you can take picture of the credit card, or you can get your Apple’s store account swing into action. In the latter case, your card will be synced with your Apple store account for the process to be taken forward. Apparently, this loading system only enabled on Apple products since it it probably is the first brand to have got permission from the credit card companies.

Now, as soon as the number on the card is scanned by your phone, the call is made to the payment network or the respective bank that sends across the device account number. The whole process is referred to as tokenization.

Traditionally, tokenization simply substitutes your credit card information with irregular data that is modeled on the same structure as the original information. For instance, a tokenization system would accept the real 16-digit credit card number, pass it on to its database and return a randomized 16-digit representation of the same that looks different but shares mutual structure with the real credit card number. It is the payment networks that dictate the process of tonekization.

With tokenization, there is no need to reveal the actually CC number and that’s where it scores its brownie points.

How Apple Pay Does it

Taking it off from where we left, Apple has built partnerships with several major banks and payment networks already. With Apple Pay, you get a unique for every card and for the phone you are using. If there was no device-centric token, the security levels would experience a dangerous drop. But Apple Pay makes sure that apart form the the tokens that are credit card specific, the authentication through the device-specific tokens is made mandatory. Also, this way, only the bank and the payment network has your card information, and it is not stored anywhere on the apple server.

Meanwhile the device account number sent your device is also stored at a very secure security component. If you are jittery over the possibility that Apple may be tracking your transactions, you can heave a sigh of relief. The whole payment is made in a manner most privacy driven.

So, this contactless wallet Apply Pay provides you is rich in user experience since you do not have to manually type in the 16 digits. But there are bigger riches here in the form of a far more secure platform for making payments. Apple only concerns itself with the hardware while the banks and the payment gateways carry over rest of the process.

Apple’s OS X Yosemite Public Beta is Out (and it Looks Stirringly Stunning)

This one was in the offing. Ever since “OS X Yosemite” has been resonating in the mobile landscape, there has been a frenzy among the developers and designers as to what to look forward to with this new platform. And just to give their frantic souls some calm, Apple finally released Yosemite Public Beta. By the looks of it, it’s worth all the hype.

So, if you are one of the folks eagerly waiting to get your hands at this latest goody from Apple, you can sign up. Don’t wait anymore. Simply download and install it and let your exploration begin. (It is recommended however that you download it on a separate partition on your Mac so that there are no compatibility issues for you to deal with).

What Does OS X Yosemite Bring Along
As Apple promises, your experience with Mac is set to be going for a complete makeover. The refinement has been done down to the last thread and there are newly introduced features that are earth-shattering (or shape-shifting, if you prefer subtlety).

A Quicker and More Streamlined View
Every renowned iOS Development Company must be aware of the fact that the Notification Center has a new Today view that instantly connects you with the outside world. Bet it any occasion, or events, or for that matter staying glued to the stock updates, you are notified with just about everything. And the provision of adding the widgets from Mac store is further facilitative.

Enhanced Spotlight

Searching stuff from Spotlight has just become much more easier and all-encompassing. And it’s not just your Mac files it searches for, you can gather information from Wikipedia, Maps and search engines.

The Everyday Apps are Even More Refined

  • Mac has never ceased to surprise and delight its users and has constantly tossed at us the most avant-garde apps. This time round with Yosemite, the apps look even more elegant, the designing niggles have been put aside and the user-friendliness is improved to a large extent.

  • When it comes to Safari, the users will have a much greater control over how they browse the Internet with more accessible tools at their behest.

  • The Mail tool has now room for sending large sized attachments and you can also fill the forms right there in your mail body.

  • Now, the iMessages and SMSes can be received on Mac as well. Create groups and let conversations leap into the sky.

  • The cloud storage has always been greatly sought after, and Yosemite makes sure it doesn’t leave out that avenue. The iCloud Drive now welcomes files across all formats and it also lets you access them regardless of the device you are using. There is a much greater sense of structure to how you are storing and accessing the files in the iCloud Drive. And in order to streamline your search for locating files, you can even add tags.

Connect iOS and Mac Ever So Effortlessly

iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite can make your Mac and iOS devices work as a team. Connecting them has become a breeze and they auto-detect each other’s presence when located nearby.

Get Calls Right on Your Mac
So, being opted as skilful iOS Programmers for Hire by an individual, if you are working on your Mac and your iPhone rings in the other room? You don’t have to go and fetch it as you can take the call right from your Mac.

Swift Will Work in Unison with Yosemite
The new programming language, Swift, is all set to give Yosemite a major push.
If you have been vying for a platform that is elegant, user-friendly and powerful, then OS X Yosemite is the beast for you.

Swift: An all-new treat for iOS/OS X developers

Ever since its entry into the field of mobile app development, Apple has been launching innovative programming languages. The sole aim behind this is to make coding highly interactive and fun for iOS and OS X app developers. Latest one to join the suite of Apple’s programming languages is Swift. If you’ve been wondering about the features of this app development language, this is a blog that will tell you all. I’ve jotted down some vital assets of Swift, helping you learn more about the recently released iOS/OS X app development language.

What’s new in Swift?

  • Since, Swift works in collaboration with the traditional Objective C programming language, you may use it for developing new iOS and OS X apps or for improving the functionality of existing applications. As Apple’s newly-announced programming language, Swift brings in multiple benefits, marking a brand new revolution in how iOS/OS X developers have been builiding applications for iPhones and iPads. Unlike the highly vulnerable objective C programming language, Swift is a much more secure and reliable option for building high-end apps for Apple products. Doing away with the complications of Objective C, Swift replaces the same with a simplified syntax that’s easy to work on.

Features that make Swift a preferable choice among iOS/OS X app developers:

  • Interactive Playgrounds-

Along with so many leverages to almost every renowned iPhone Apps Development Company. In context of coding, playground refers to a system wherein the web developer can see the changes brought into the website as and when he/she tweaks the main code. Moreover, the developer can even choose to watch the code’s progress via the timeline assistant.

  • A contemporary approach to programming

Swift has emerged as a result of in-depth research conducted on a variety of programming languages. The named parameters fetched from Objective-C make Swift’s API easier to read. Also, the inferred types make the code cleaner and less prone to bugs. The automatic memory management feature saves you from the hassles of typing semi-colons after each line of code.

  • Robust and fast-

The sole aim behind developing Swift was to pace up iOS/OS X app development process usually followed by every skilled iPhone Application Developers. Equipped by an incredibly effective LLVM compiler, Swift lets you fine-tune the code to build apps that work flawlessly on a variety of Apple devices such as iPhones, iPads and Mac. The built-in syntax and standard library makes room for writing code in the best possible manner. Object-oriented features of Swift include protocols, classes, generics etc. that render developers the power and performance to build outstanding apps.

  •  Safe coding

Swift ensures to eliminate all classes of unsafe code via automatic memory management, checking the arrays and integers for overflow, switching safe patterns for Cocoa and Cocoa Touch APIs and initializing variables before use. Since an entire line of code can be easily replaced by a single characters, the apps developed using the Swift programming language are much more safer and reliable.

Although a majority of Apple developers haven’t started using Swift, the programming language definitely has the potential of rendering a brand new energy and zest to the Apple developer community.