Android L VS KitKat- Which of the two is ruling the contemporary mobile market?

Time and now, Google has been announcing innovative versions for its Android operating system. After witnessing the incredible success of Android 4.4 KitKat, the company has come up with Android L, which has already started creating waves in the world of mobile operating systems. Keeping its promise to present something innovative with each Android OS version, Google is all geared up with its Android L operating system which will definitely render a brand new user experience. Announced at Google I/O 2014, Android L is definitely here to stay. Web developers who’ve installed it on their Nexus 5 have gathered a better insight on features which make it better than the previous Android version, KitKat. If you too want to take a sneak peek into the key differences between Android L and KitKat, this is a blog that will tell you all. Here, I’ve compared the two Android OS versions for you to have a better understanding of the same.

Android L VS Android KitKat- Multi-tasking
Unlike the apps developed using Android KitKat, the ones built on Android L come with a 3D rotary style view. All apps built on Android L come with a card and can be easily swiped off to the side for closing as normal. Android L has a new feature as per which the apps like Chrome will have individual cards for each open tab.

Android L VS Android KitKat- Notifications feature

Just like the sparkling perks of a reputable Android App Developing Company, there also exists the lock-screen and the notification within Android device, both show differently on Android L. The notifications are ordered by priority rather than chronologically, in Android L. Also, you can swipe the notifications away to the side as per usual, followed by double tapping to open the associated application. This feature is missing in Android KitKat.

Android L VS Android KitKat- Changes in Google Maps app
Yet another app which has undergone visible changes is Google Maps. In Android L, while the satellite icon is now placed at the search bar, the description about the location appears larger as compared to the previous version. Other areas which have been modified include font, color and icons. All these have been smoothened out in this latest Android OS version.

Android L VS Android KitKat- User Interface

Android L has undergone incredible amount of changes when it comes to the user interface. While the home screen buttons have been modified to game console-like icons, the icons within the Settings menu have also been styled for a greater visual appearance. If you’re keen on your app’s font, then Android L is your sweet surprise. The operating system version offers a less bolded font as compared to the one available with KitKat. Also, the notification icons are more lightweight and serve as a complete pleasure to the users’ eyes.

Android L VS Android KitKat- Security feature
Every skilled Android Application Developer and non-professional must be aware along with that fact that Android L is equipped with advanced security options based on user’s location and proximity. Unavailable for the developers, this latest security feature enables users to unlock their smartphone/tablet without the need for entering a PIN, pattern lock or any similar unlocking gesture.

Wrapping Up
So these were the considerable differences between Android KitKat and Android L. Hope you’d have found the information interesting. With all the aforementioned differences, it won’t be wrong to say that Android L will definitely overpower KitKat in the forthcoming weeks.

Developing Mobile Apps for Cross-Platform-Compatibility is No Longer a Screwball Affair

The mobile application development ambit has been consistently pushing the reinventing wheel to cater to the ever-mounting expectations of the target audience. There is an overwhelming focus on making everything sleek and responsive so that the heavyweight applications don’t end up putting-off the users due to their non-responsiveness or lack of compatibility on varying devices. And this is where cross platform mobile app development tools come into the fray. There has been a growing emergence of these platforms over last few years, and going by their current demand, the trend is here to stay.

Why is Cross-platform Mobile Development that Important?

In its bare bones, it is the technique with which you write a piece of code for applications while ensuring the code runs compatibly on different operating systems as well. Now, you can often find developers complaintive of the fact that the days they invest in writing code for a powerful app for the android phones are nullified when it comes to running the same app on iOS. And that calls for making minor and major tweaks to the code for it to run smoothly across the major OS platforms.

Now, creating multi-platform-responsive app is an endeavor much difficult and time consuming. Cross platform mobile development tools thus serve to be ideal tools to shape applications with versatile compatibility.

The Best Cross-Platform Mobile Development Platforms:

Here is all you need to know about the top-of-the-funnel cross platform mobile app development tools:


Arguably the most trusted Mobile Development Cross Platform commonly used by Android or any reputable iPhone Application Development Company out there, PhoneGap gives developers a free rein when it comes to building applications for a range of platforms like Symbian, Android, iOS, Windows and more. Developers using this platform can create their code on JavaScript or HTML or for that mater on CSS3. It really doesn’t need you to shell out huge sums of money since it is open source and available free of cost.


If you need a platform that suits your beginner-level development skills, Whoop is the most perfect alternative. When creating the beta versions of your site, Whoop serves to be most helpful. While you won’t be able to create visually the most inspiring apps for the fact that this platform is pretty basic in its features, the fact that it doesn’t need you to be a coding afficionado helps.


And then there is that! Appcelerator really puts the A in awesomeness of this cross platforms, which is evident from the fanfare it enjoys on Twitter. The platform uses languages of the likes of PHP, HTML and more and tosses at the users APIs in excess of 300. for those wanting to learn using the tool, it offers a pretty non-fussy way of mastering it.


Based onRuby, RhoMobile is an incredibly resourceful mobile app development platform that would seamlessly allow you yo create apps that work in near unision across several platforms. Using it, you can create native apps that can then be run on a slew of operating systems and Smartphone devices – be it Windows or Android or iOS or Blackberry or something else. For developers still in the learning stage, the platform holds enough promise. With its extended features like RhoSync (a versatile exclusive server) and RhoHub (that provides a cloud environment to developers), development is made even easier and much more conducive for the experienced as well as the budding developers.


MoSync is a name that rings quite loud with every skilled iPhone Application Developers and even Android professionals who have anything to do with mobile development. It is essentially a FOSS multi-platform mobile app dev SDK tool, that populates a developer with highly useful tools like runtimes, libraries, extensions, etc. it uses languages like Java, Ruby and PHP and currently supports Windows, Symbian, Moblin, and mobile Linux distro. With the launch of its latest version, the platform will also be supporting the iOS and the Blackberry.

Understanding that each OS platforms has its own set of features and capabilities, the development community keeps building platforms that unfailingly elevate the performance and compatibility levels of applications. For a developer who doesn’t want his/her app to fit into a snug development pigeonhole, these platforms serve the purpose in a manner most consummate.

Android Apps: Giving Wings to Businesses

With the advent and the widespread use of smart phones, there has been a paradigm shift of the sorts in the business world. From mobile compatible websites and responsive design themes, to finally opting for mobile apps, in one way or the other, corporate houses are trying to tap into the flourishing business opportunities provided by mobile app development.

When we say mobile apps, we don’t necessarily mean iPhones apps. Giving the traditional market leader a run for their money are the easy to use and highly competitive Android apps. The traditional ways of conducting business are now clearing the pavement for a much smarter way, propelled by the world of smart phones and Android App Development.

In case the importance of android apps for your business has skipped your notice, here is a quick reminder of why a business needs them:

To stay in constant touch with your audience – An app takes a business to the very home screen of the mobile phones of the users. With just a touch of the finger, any user can simply get in touch with the business.

To ascertain the profits from niche marketing – These android apps are showcased fervently on the Google Play store. Besides, an app need not find the user as the user often finds the app; i.e. an app is downloaded, only when a user has typed the query for the same, or stumbled upon it from the Play Store. This significantly improves the chances of lead generation, since the user has already showed an interest in what the business does / offers.

Additional visibility – With the help of Android apps, businesses get easy and far increased visibility in the play store. Besides, now with apps, it is even easier to build an entire community around the business, all with the reviews and the feisty discussions that take place in the Play Store.

An increase in revenue – The point is so obvious that we feel silly in even stating that. But one cannot and should not and must not avoid the fact that mobile apps help in increasing the revenue drastically.

And that’s not all; businesses today are using other existing apps, in order to smooth track and streamline the way they work. Since it only seems pragmatic to change with the changing trends, you may want to try a few apps that would assist you in conducting your business.

Some of our favorite Android apps which assist in carrying out the businesses are:

Go To Meeting – this is one app which makes it very easy to organize a meeting, and ensure 100% attendance, even on a rainy day or if the participants are spread all over the globe. With the help of this app, one can organize and participate in meetings via tablets, exchange charts and Word files etc.

Fill and sign PDF forms – this app allows the users to easily fill-in and sign PDF forms simply with your Android device, in addition to allowing them to easily view, edit, save or send these PDF forms.

Cam Card – if you have a lot of business cards to manage, this app will assist you in the same. The cards are scanned and are kept at one easily accessible place in the phone’s memory.

That was all that we had to offer today. These android apps have significantly changed the way businesses work. Don’t lag behind, hire Android Programmers to get highly active, problem-solving and value-adding apps, and rejoice as you watch it give brand new wings to your business. – World-Class Android Apps Development Services for Start Ups & SMBs

With over 800 Million activations worldwide, toady Android is named amongst the top mobile operating systems. This clearly exemplifies how this Linux-based OS is sitting in the lap of luxury these days. The immense idolization of this mobile platform amidst users, has led to so-called ‘smart phone wars’ between technology giants like Samsung, LG, Google and Motorola. As per a recent survey, 56 Billion smart phone Android applications have been downloaded from Google’s Play Store and more than 32 Billion of them go to Android driven phones. Such an upsurge in the demand for these applications has prompted entrepreneurs to opt for customized apps that can expand the reach of their business and enable them to tap into an unexplored tangent of on-the-go mobile audience.

Savvy business owners are launching their own Android-driven apps in the marketplace and India-Based android development company is helping start ups and SMBs in this venture. Known for its cost-effective service offerings, Mobiers is a pioneer in the league of mobile app development.

Businesses across globe have adopted mobile marketing as an integral part of their promotional strategy. And those who have relied on Android apps for their promotion, are enjoying numerous benefits like improved lead generation, lowered operational costs, improved business productivity, enhanced customer relations and surging bottom line. These enterprises are cashing in on the fact that today Android powers approximately 75% of the smart phones operating in the world today, and this share is expected to increase considerably in the times to come. This fuels the ardent competition amidst SMBs to reap the benefits of this platform in the best possible manner, and make it big in the virtual arena.

Android development is the core strength of the in-house team at Mobiers. The strategists associated with Mobiers comprehend your business requisites and accordingly suggest some custom Android applications which will aid you in achieving your business goal in the best possible manner. This Indian service provider is adept in rendering varied applications, right from basic gaming apps to high-end enterprise management apps, which cater to diversified industry verticals. Some of the major applications developed and deployed by the Mobiers’ team are Shoemocracy and FutureZoom. You can know more about these apps here. (

Amongst the array of services rendered by Mobiers, the ones which are most significant and widely approached are listed below:

• Android Apps Testing / Portability
• Android Games Development
• Android M-commerce Applications
• Android Social Media Applications
• Android Support & Maintenance
• Android Widget Development
• Custom Android Apps Development
• Enterprise Android Applications

Operational in the field of mobile app development for over 5 years, Mobiers has earned bag full of accolades from its global clientele.

Nelson Sullivan, Marketing Head at Geogriac Technologies Ltd., appreciates the efforts invested by Mobiers’ team in proffering their mobile presence- “Mobile presence is essential collateral, which every marketing team rigorously works to excel in. Though, we had to put in limited efforts because the adept developers at Mobiers did it for us. They developed an amazing Android app for us, which comprehended exactly what we wanted to convey to our target audience. If we will hire Android developers for our next venture, we will definitely look up to Mobiers.”

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