FIFA Fever: 5 Best Mobile Apps to Catch Live all the World Cup 2014 Action

Bosses, wives, girlfriends/boyfriends can whine as much as they want, go wherever they fancy, buy whatever they wish; because for the next few weeks, Soccer-crazed fans simply don’t care!

FIFA 2014 Soccer World Cup kicked off in style with Hero Neymar emerging as the true blue hero of the opening day of the biggest sporting spectacle on planet earth.

Folks have set the WC’s itinerary as their PC’s wallpaper, put all their money on the favorite players, fixed a beer date with their pals and are dressed in the colors of their favorite teams.

But not everyone is lucky enough to have a TV set nearby to glug up all the action as it happens, but there’s nothing exciting about watching the repeat runs when predictability kills the screaming and chanting instincts! So, if you missed the live action OR if there is any chance in hell that you won’t be near your TV set for the upcoming matches, we bring you some of the very best apps to keep you glued to all the action as the Brazuca gets kicked around:

#1.) – FIFA Official App

Price: Free

Availability: App Store | Google Play

Well, this one had to be too obvious to miss. FIFA official app will be covering every inch of World Cup action.

Stay glued to the real-time football scores, to how the teams are faring as the event progresses, to the red and yellow cards being tossed around, to the most mind-boggling goals scored.

#2.) – Goal Live Scores

Price: Free

Availability: Android Store

As the name suggests, this one doesn’t let you fall behind. The football scores are updated in real time.

You are directly connected to the page dedicated to the current match.

#3.) – LiveSoccer World Football Cup

Price: Free

Availability:  Google Play

The goal alerts won’t even need you to exercise your fingers. The push notifications further give this app a velvet touch.

Get extensive match analysis, expert commentary, the head to head report card and much more.

#4.) – 2014 Table

Price: Free

Availability: Google Play

Know how your team is faring in the points table and this app gives you that info in a pretty fuss free visual setup.

Get information about the teams that have qualified, how a group is placed for the best teams, the match schedules, fixtures and much more.

#5.) – Team Stream

Price: Free

Availability: App Store

If you wish to stay up to date with all the conversations happening around your team, then TeamStream is what you need!

Now, you don’t miss when Ronaldo stirs some news off the field!

So, get set and hit the download button. It’s not everyday that Soccer World Cup is in town. Glug its madness till you are giddy!

Mobile App Development: Does it Cost You a Bomb?

Mobile apps have risen to fame quite penetratingly, understandably so. The way they have altered the very nature of communication and infotainment has bought the farfetched rationalizations to reality. As users, we all have our own set of utilities when it comes to mobile apps – for chit-chatting with friends, for playing games, or for more serious business endeavors. Talking of business, the enterprises – both start-ups and multinationals – have been leveraging mobile apps to take their business to the doorsteps of their customers. Apparently, they have met with better results than ever before, which proves that the trend is not a passing one. Mobile advertising has given marketers new reasons to cheer by making their jobs more lucid.

As for an app developer or app development companies, not only are they generating huge revenues by the means of selling their apps, but the brands that display their ads alongside the apps pay hefty amounts as well. So far, so good, but is it all like what it appears to be? App development involves weaving a setup that involves fair bit of costs, not to mention, an investment in intelligence and logics. But let’s keep it to the former; how do you estimate the costs you have to incur while developing an app? These are questions that mustn’t go unrequited. Let’s take a look at the factors which dictate the mobile app development cost:

The App Breeds

Nothing dictates the price tag more than the ‘type’ factor. The mobile apps are not short on varieties, and each is different from the other based on how well it’s equipped with features

  • Apps with the most elementary features do not require a great set up to build them. And thus, they are cheaper to create.

  • The business app call for more investment in money as they need to be more feature-packed for letting business create some positive noise in the market

  • Game apps take the complexity levels to a whole new height as they are made with a go-for-broke aspiration and have to cut-through a huge competition.

Considering the Actual Costs

  • How Deep are Your Pockets

Get a clear understanding of how much can you spend on an app. You won’t like either of the possibilities to come true – overshooting the budget or under-utilizing it. Take into account the cost incurred while developing the app and the amount that will be spent marketing it. The budget evaluation will help you determine how much can you spend on injecting app with different features and whether those features grab any eyeballs. Afore-mentioned, elementary-level apps would hardly shake your pockets, but when you are going for games, you have to prepare yourself for bigger investments

  • Cost Associated with Hiring Designers and Developers

While there is no dearth of them, the capable app developers and designers are still hard to find. The right talent can make the development process a rewarding one as it can introduce functionalities that haven’t made presence in the market yet. Again, hiring developers comes with a barrage of cost factors, you need to look in the right places to get your hands on people who know their job and know it well enough.

  • How Much Do You Want to Deck it Up

The path-breaking features may not draw audience all at once if it is not backed by amiable designs. To create designs that suit the visual sensibilities of your audience, you need to pay attention to each detail like app icon, the screen effects, the icons on tab, even the welcome and exit screens.

  • Submitting the App to the Stores

Don’t be under a fallacy that you can leave it to the later stages. Evaluating how much you will have to eventually spend on submitting the app to stores in advance is highly recommended.

It all boils down to the expected ROI. Considering the possibility that you spent more than you intended to, it’s not going to hurt if the app gives you stupendously rich returns.

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Mobile Technologies Reaping Success for Online Businesses

The hegemony of mobile phones is unparallel to any other technology of this decade. With the ineluctable benefits and exciting features, it has encouraged the world to decipher the technology of communication and experience the agile communicative ways. In the same way, the business has exuberantly welcomed the new mobile technologies and manifested it as a path of success and growth in the advanced and technological driven era. The stark benefits of mobile applications have reached every business as well the individual professionals and ameliorating businesses. The work flow has been elided in mobile application and offers the office ambience anywhere and everywhere. With the perpetual growth in mobile applications, the mobiles are no more confided in emailing, chats and browsing but have extended itself to the varied business requisites of technology. Business world may not be a provenance for mobile applications but surely turning into the most advent users of it. Here, we are defining the encouraging mobile apps development that has clustered the business world into a hand devices and how they are converting individuals into an all time business entrepreneur.

Networking & Communication

Be it the iPhone application or Android application, the networking of mobiles featuring ability to communicate with vendors, clients and as well as employees is considered best in mobile development. It provides opportunities to exchange and transfer data between two devices and move further in business developments. Mobile applications have bestowed the online marketers with 24*7 connectivity and enhanced their customer relationship management drastically.

Business Development

Mobile apps development has contributed in business growth by being the fastest and the most interactive mode of sharing and connecting between the business to customer and vice versa. The increasing use of social media networks and instant feedbacks from customers has showcased itself as a major growth in global business.


With new statistics, it can be seen that people are using their mobile phones much more comparatively to any other internet device to search and research for the products, services and the companies to do business. Marketing through SMS, responsive websites or mobile applications is the new trend and the most effective ways of marketing the products and services. To ease the searching of customers, the big brands are creating their own mobile apps to provide complete information about their product and services separately and effectively.

Clouding data

Mobile applications are now using cloud technology to centralize information and save copious data for the business and facilitate employees to fetch any information, any data, anytime and anywhere and in any device. The technology of cloud computing have been exuberantly welcomed by businesses for mobile applications to smoothen the intricate exchange of data.


Business owners are delighted with the advance iPhone apps development  or android app developments making it hell easy to keep a track record of billing and time consumptions of employees. The smart phone users can use Bill quick mobile application to keep a check of expenses and time by attaching photos of receipts, taking memos and engaging in multiple timers to evaluate maximum billable hours. Perhaps, these applications are not much favored by employees but the management.


To match the advance technologies and competitive market of this era, it becomes mandatory for every business to upgrade and elide in mobile technologies.

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Android Apps: Giving Wings to Businesses

With the advent and the widespread use of smart phones, there has been a paradigm shift of the sorts in the business world. From mobile compatible websites and responsive design themes, to finally opting for mobile apps, in one way or the other, corporate houses are trying to tap into the flourishing business opportunities provided by mobile app development.

When we say mobile apps, we don’t necessarily mean iPhones apps. Giving the traditional market leader a run for their money are the easy to use and highly competitive Android apps. The traditional ways of conducting business are now clearing the pavement for a much smarter way, propelled by the world of smart phones and Android App Development.

In case the importance of android apps for your business has skipped your notice, here is a quick reminder of why a business needs them:

To stay in constant touch with your audience – An app takes a business to the very home screen of the mobile phones of the users. With just a touch of the finger, any user can simply get in touch with the business.

To ascertain the profits from niche marketing – These android apps are showcased fervently on the Google Play store. Besides, an app need not find the user as the user often finds the app; i.e. an app is downloaded, only when a user has typed the query for the same, or stumbled upon it from the Play Store. This significantly improves the chances of lead generation, since the user has already showed an interest in what the business does / offers.

Additional visibility – With the help of Android apps, businesses get easy and far increased visibility in the play store. Besides, now with apps, it is even easier to build an entire community around the business, all with the reviews and the feisty discussions that take place in the Play Store.

An increase in revenue – The point is so obvious that we feel silly in even stating that. But one cannot and should not and must not avoid the fact that mobile apps help in increasing the revenue drastically.

And that’s not all; businesses today are using other existing apps, in order to smooth track and streamline the way they work. Since it only seems pragmatic to change with the changing trends, you may want to try a few apps that would assist you in conducting your business.

Some of our favorite Android apps which assist in carrying out the businesses are:

Go To Meeting – this is one app which makes it very easy to organize a meeting, and ensure 100% attendance, even on a rainy day or if the participants are spread all over the globe. With the help of this app, one can organize and participate in meetings via tablets, exchange charts and Word files etc.

Fill and sign PDF forms – this app allows the users to easily fill-in and sign PDF forms simply with your Android device, in addition to allowing them to easily view, edit, save or send these PDF forms.

Cam Card – if you have a lot of business cards to manage, this app will assist you in the same. The cards are scanned and are kept at one easily accessible place in the phone’s memory.

That was all that we had to offer today. These android apps have significantly changed the way businesses work. Don’t lag behind, hire Android Programmers to get highly active, problem-solving and value-adding apps, and rejoice as you watch it give brand new wings to your business.

Success Stories of iPhone Development: From Rags to Riches

Several fantastical success stories of iPhone apps development that have changed the fortune of several developers overnight keep surfacing now and then. iPhone and Apple’s development market extends a world of opportunities for iOS developers all around the globe to earn real fortunes. Thousand of applications are developed on iOS platform to help businesses realize bigger gains in terms of productivity, mobility, communication and collaboration. It’s not indispensable to be an expert developer; a simple idea can take you from rag to riches. You can hire iPhone developers or look out for an Offshore Mobile Application Development company to do the job for you. Here’s a selection of some of the most recent Success Stories of iPhone development: From Rags to Riches!

Kostas Eleftheriou: $ 100,000
First to feature on this list is Kostas Eleftheriou along with Vassilis and Bill Rappos, the coveted triad of iOS developers of “iStream” app fame from Greece. Presently based in London, they were able to earn a staggering $100,000 in just three months by exploiting the capabilities of iPhone. The iStream app allows the user to command the phone by microphone input & speaker output. This app comes with tilt control, email and photo library.

Ge Wang and Jeff Smith: $ 1Million
Second on the list are Ge Wang and Jeff Smith who took the world with a storm by developing a series of iPhone apps like Ocarina, Smule to name a few. Inhabitants of the USA, Wang and Smith were able to earn a whooping $1 million dollar in the first year itself. The best applications developed by them used microphone input and output speaker to let the user enjoy an expressive and seamless musical experience.

Brian Greenstone: $ 5Million
Brian Greenstone, an accredited iOS developer from Pangea Software, United States never thought that developing an iPhone application like Enigmo will turn his fortunes. He was able to mark a staggering $5 million revenue collection in first 15 months of its release. Greenstone recommends getting into the top 100 APP Store’s app list for outstanding results.

Ethan Nicholas: $ 1Million
The iShoot developer, Ethan Nicholas from United States made over 1 million US dollars within an unbelievable time frame of less than 7 months. If Ethan is to be believed, it was the need of money to pay his medical bills that persuaded him to learn C and develop an iPhone application. The basic version of this application was made available for free at leading app stores to drive usage, which certainly worked Ethan’s way.

Steve Demeter: $ 250,000
Steve Demeter developed Trim that was considered as “Freedom” for mobile users especially the Smartphone genre. This application is a game that can only be played in a jail-breaked iPhone. Jail-break lets you free your device and make it customizable, theme-able and universally compatible. It is safe and completely reversible unlike other software of similar functionality. He managed staggering 250,000 US dollars in just two months. He dedicated his success to the ideology of crafting a unique application that can convey value to the user within few seconds.

Why Use iOS Apps for Your Business?

The Smartphone era has just taken a hold on everything we read, watch, and consume. Our businesses are passing through a phase of transformation. The inception of Smartphone mobile devices has changed the way we communicate.

Today, business entities are observing a slightly unproductive drift in the commitment of their employees due to avid use of social networking sites & Smartphones. After restricting the use of social networking sites, it has become a challenge for enterprises to bar their employees from using Smartphone devices during working hours.

How about coming up with a solution of using these changes productively instead of skating against the tide?

iOS & Business

The evolution of iOS and its corresponding devices has revolutionized our world forever. Latest Smart Phones have replaced our pulse and we do not miss to carry our gadgets wherever we go- be it our workplaces, parties, or morning walks. The efficient iOS applications are making everyone dependent on corresponding devices. Thus, we cannot even think about banning iOS devices in office premises.

The Radical Change

We cannot bar our workforce to avoid carrying iOS devices in office. Instead, let’s ask them to use their SmartPhone devices in a manner that enhances their productivity at the work front. It is a revolutionary idea for any business organization, which has been considering chalking out a plan bar the unproductive impact of iPhone & iPod devices during work. This formula has worked successfully in case of a large number of conglomerates. Multiple business organizations have enjoyed the fruits of letting their employees use iOS devices during work and thought for iPhone app development for operational management.

iOS for Productivity Increment

Top business leaders have expressed positive views on the use of iOS apps in the enterprise business model. They have indicated a significant up flow in their organizational productivity after deploying iOS applications in their businesses. Ingram Micro, an international provider of supply chain services and technology products, has successfully rendered the enticing features of iOS apps and taken the security of its business model a degree higher. The company is currently operating on the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) model.

Technically, businesses can make their own applications for iOS devices and ask their workforce to communicate over organizational iOS app instead in other mediums. Use of iOS apps allows the employees to log their working reports during late working hours and teams can communicate collaboratively regardless of stretched working hours.

iOS for Business Development

iOS apps are really a boon for companies as they let their potential customers approach them via iOS devices. Usually, professionals are online 24*7 via their Smart-phones and prefer to interact with their service providers through the same medium. Thus, approaching potentials customers via iOS corresponding devices can proffer the business of an applicant firm drastically. It gives them an opportunity to tap into an unexplored consumer base.

Believe In Bring Your Own Device Philosophy

Loved by 75% of total employers of high growth markets like China & Brazil, Bring Your Own Device philosophy is gaining strength because employees hate leaving their smart phones switched off during working hours. It hampers their personal lives. Thus, business organizations are increasingly adopting this philosophy and incorporating iOS enterprise applications in their business models. By doing so, businesses can save a big portion of funds that were earlier invested in keeping in-house devices usable. iPhone, iPad, and Mac users love the company of their devices during working hours. It does not hamper organizational productivity as well as the personal lives of the work force.

However, there is a risk of security lapse. But, smart workforce understands the possible consequences of any wrongdoings during working hours. So, it is not a big concern when you are working with smart employees. Therefore, business organizations are thinking to hire iPhone developers for making their enterprise applications.

How To Hire An iOS Developer?

By the dawn of 2012, more than 1 Million apps were submitted to the iOS store. Was your business app in there? No? Don’t worry. The year 2013 is equally promising. With the number of iPhone users rocketing with each passing day, profit margins associated with apps is also surging. So, you still have the time to dive in! But, wait! How will you work on your innovative app idea without a dexterous mind?

As you start the process of incepting an iPhone application, you need a dedicated mind which can work rigorously on the idea. In case, you don’t have a skilled iOS developer on board, you will need to hire one. The process to hire iPhone developers can be painstaking and time consuming. But if you are rooted to the basics, things are simplified. Throughout the process of hiring, simply keep two things in mind- hire the best and hire at the best price. Still confused? Here are some expert tips that will guide you through your app development journey and aid you in hooking the right resource.

#1.) Draw up Documentation: Documenting your project is very essential. Have a detailed scope document handy, and distribute it amongst the prospect iPhone developers who are bidding on your project. This way, each developer will be able estimate the exact functionality, features and specifications which are to be incorporated in the app. This way all the candidates will be on the same page.

#2.) Bring On Bids: Invite multiple bids for your project. Having numerous dexterous brains bidding for your project is a great option from both feasibility and marketing point of view. You may presume yourself to know all it takes to build an iPhone app, but inputs from experienced developers always work towards broadening your horizon. Furthermore, greater number of bids would mean greater number of feedbacks about the conception of your app.

#3.) Play Ball on Price: Once you have pegged a developer, it is time to play the price game. Actualize a final price before starting the project and get it penned down. Having financial terms in writing is very crucial. Make sure there is a mutual understanding about the payment terms- how will the payment happen and when. Traditionally, developers are paid 50% of the agreed amount before beginning, 25% on the completion of some milestone and 25% once the app gets accepted at iStore. But this schedule can vary depending upon the person you have on board.

#4.) Access Apple ID: Finally! You have an iOS developer on board. It’s time for you to register at the Apple store as an official developer. If you wish to sell your app without the involvement of any third-party, you will need an Apple developer ID. It will help you in configuring your bank account details for direct fund transfer. The iPhone development company that you hire will then submit the furbished app to the store for approval on your behalf.

Bringing skilled iPhone resources on board is a long haul. But once you have the right brain working on your project, all you need to do is to relax and wait for the astounding outcome.

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With over 800 Million activations worldwide, toady Android is named amongst the top mobile operating systems. This clearly exemplifies how this Linux-based OS is sitting in the lap of luxury these days. The immense idolization of this mobile platform amidst users, has led to so-called ‘smart phone wars’ between technology giants like Samsung, LG, Google and Motorola. As per a recent survey, 56 Billion smart phone Android applications have been downloaded from Google’s Play Store and more than 32 Billion of them go to Android driven phones. Such an upsurge in the demand for these applications has prompted entrepreneurs to opt for customized apps that can expand the reach of their business and enable them to tap into an unexplored tangent of on-the-go mobile audience.

Savvy business owners are launching their own Android-driven apps in the marketplace and India-Based android development company is helping start ups and SMBs in this venture. Known for its cost-effective service offerings, Mobiers is a pioneer in the league of mobile app development.

Businesses across globe have adopted mobile marketing as an integral part of their promotional strategy. And those who have relied on Android apps for their promotion, are enjoying numerous benefits like improved lead generation, lowered operational costs, improved business productivity, enhanced customer relations and surging bottom line. These enterprises are cashing in on the fact that today Android powers approximately 75% of the smart phones operating in the world today, and this share is expected to increase considerably in the times to come. This fuels the ardent competition amidst SMBs to reap the benefits of this platform in the best possible manner, and make it big in the virtual arena.

Android development is the core strength of the in-house team at Mobiers. The strategists associated with Mobiers comprehend your business requisites and accordingly suggest some custom Android applications which will aid you in achieving your business goal in the best possible manner. This Indian service provider is adept in rendering varied applications, right from basic gaming apps to high-end enterprise management apps, which cater to diversified industry verticals. Some of the major applications developed and deployed by the Mobiers’ team are Shoemocracy and FutureZoom. You can know more about these apps here. (

Amongst the array of services rendered by Mobiers, the ones which are most significant and widely approached are listed below:

• Android Apps Testing / Portability
• Android Games Development
• Android M-commerce Applications
• Android Social Media Applications
• Android Support & Maintenance
• Android Widget Development
• Custom Android Apps Development
• Enterprise Android Applications

Operational in the field of mobile app development for over 5 years, Mobiers has earned bag full of accolades from its global clientele.

Nelson Sullivan, Marketing Head at Geogriac Technologies Ltd., appreciates the efforts invested by Mobiers’ team in proffering their mobile presence- “Mobile presence is essential collateral, which every marketing team rigorously works to excel in. Though, we had to put in limited efforts because the adept developers at Mobiers did it for us. They developed an amazing Android app for us, which comprehended exactly what we wanted to convey to our target audience. If we will hire Android developers for our next venture, we will definitely look up to Mobiers.”

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