Easy Steps To Convert Your WordPress Site Into An App

Did you ask “Why Make An App At First Place”?

Apps might not be pivotal for marketing anymore, but they are quite convenient for your customers – offering them an extensive array of choices as to how they would interact with your website.

With the exponential rise in mobile internet – more and more people access the internet through mobile apps rather than desktops. Moreover, apps are blossoming, as most are nowhere as near to bumbling or daunting like typical web browsers.

Nevertheless, the evaluation of cost and fizzle involved has dropped down to a significant level with WordPress Website Development. In earlier days, many businesses were interested in building an app for their business, but most were not able to because of the complexities involved.

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But, fortunately, things are different now.

Thanks to “WordPress Customization”. You don’t need much more coding and finances to develop a competent app or transform the present WordPress website to an app. Converting your WordPress website into a mobile app is easier than you think. With the help of the right plugin, it’s a walk of cake to provide users with an unforgettable user experience.

Here in this post, we’ll start from understanding the subtle difference between dynamic and responsive website to an app. Then, will dive deep into acknowledging some plugins to use for converting your website into an app.

Know-How : Dynamic & Mobile Friendly Website Vs Apps
It is evident, making the content easily accessible for smart screens and phones is important. However, it seems like sitting on the fence to opt for an app when you already have a mobile-friendly website.

After all, an app is a significant investment, and this is not the right time to gush down your hard-earned dollars on unnecessary features. Thus, breaking it down, mobile sites and apps serve distinctive features. And, having both helps you sheath your users with everything they need while growing and maintaining the brand.

51% of smartphone users state that they find new products and brands through mobile searches. Unlike the app, your website is easily accessible to anyone on the internet, not confined to existing users. Therefore, having a responsive website that is Search Engine Optimized is indispensable to accomplish new leads.

Also, a responsive website is an essential factor in creating your brand’s credibility. 57% of internet users don’t recommend brands without a mobile-friendly website. Thus, having a high-end app isn’t beneficial if you are not able to get users interested in your brand.

On the contrary, Native mobile apps are much more useful than responsive websites when it comes to retaining users. A dab of factors are pocketed below:

  • l Improved UX by inculcating the app with mobile enrich functionalities like Camera, touch ID, and lot more.
  • l Mobile app gratify better performance that consists of quicker loading speed.
  • l Push notifications building brand awareness.

So, before jumping to nutshell to decide for one. It’s better to cherish the combined benefits of a responsive website with a mobile app and gratify the best of both the world. When you can instantly, efficiently, and without breaking your pocket, develop an app-based off your WP site, there are still more reasons to pass up on this opportunity.

What Options You Have? Which Way Should You Proceed?
While it’s a perplexing task to choose one way for creating your mobile app, hiring a firm to help you create an app requires a little effort on your part, but on the same note it’s time consuming and a bit inclined towards the expensive side. And, you can wait for few more months and spend thousands of dollars.

Alternatively, you can hire WordPress developers who are well-versed with every nook and niche in the WP world, proffering much faster approaches in comparison to conventional app development methods. Mostly, this route fits the best.

Top-Most WordPress Plugins For Mobile App Conversions
As WordPress plugins are the most easily accessible option for creating a clone app for your WP website, we have clutched a few of the top choices. Here are top four choices you might consider using.

1. Andro App
If you are not ready to break your budget to what MobiLOud offers than Andro App comes into the big picture. It is a reliable choice among the several WordPress website developments to quickly create an app for your WordPress website.

Within a few minutes, you can have a testable app complete with the customized feature of your choice.

Vital Elements

  • - Provides option to monetize your WP mobile app via AdMob and Appnext.
  • - Consist of large number of themes.
  • - Includes unlimited push notifications, custom branding, and caching support.
  • - It is easy and simple to install.

With benefits, there comes some drawbacks. It is not compatible with WooCommerce and Buddypress, and even is not helpful to create and app compatible with iOS. With all these, it comes in an affordable cost.

2. AppPresser
Another option we recommend is AppPresser. Instead of converting your WordPress website into an app, it connects an app made with AppPresser service to your website. This provides you with total control over your platform’s design, along with a visual builder similar to the WordPress customizer.

Vital Elements

  • - It let user design their app using AppPresser’s easy-to-use builder.
  • - Provides instant visual feedback with its live app preview.
  • - Consist access to device functionality including cameras, contracts and etc.
  • - It proffers features such as push notifications, Facebook login, and social sharing.

To start working with it, you need an AppPresser Account, and the cost varies as per the advance feature. Instead, it’s better to have experienced WordPress developers to do it for you without any hassle.

3. MobiLoud
MobiLoud is a trusted choice to convert your WordPress website into a native mobile app for Android and iOS. It comes along with a customizable app that inculcates that consisting your present theme and plugins, including the e-commerce plugin like woocommerce.

In addition, MobiLoud’s team is on toes to handle the developing and publishing procedures, as well as to lend their exclusive support.

Vital Elements

  • - Crafted specifically for high-traffic WordPress website.
  • - White labels your app so no Mobiloud branding is seen.
  • - Offers a comprehensive service, consisting of publishing your app to the App store and Google play store.
  • - Includes industry standards features, like offline support and push notifications.

In comparison to the average development company, MobiLoud develops app fast and is an affordable option. All you need to do is partner with the best in class WordPress development company.

4. WPMobile.Ap

Finally, the last plugin we suggest to look into is WPMobile.Ap . This quality app plugin enables you to convert your WordPress website into an app for Android, iOS, or the hybrid app. It is easy and simple to use, with installation and customization choices available right in your WordPress dashboard.

Vital Elements

  • - Includes standard features such as offline content and push notifications.
  • - Free app testing.
  • - Provides infinite updates and support.
  • - Integrates with Weglot to convert your app

WPMobile.Ap is a pocket-friendly solution as it is to hire WordPress developers. It distinctively offers lifetime licenses, which means you don’t have to carry the onus of subscription renewals and recurring fees.

Usually, an app builds for iOS or Android costs around $79, or for both; it will be around $140.

The Unskippable Part : QA Your Application After Completion
Quality Assurance Testing is an unskippable part of mobile app creation. It’s always better to assure your platform works and is bug-free before you make it available to the user. To some, this can be challenging, as there are some device formats, screen sizes, and hardware configurations to be taken in count.

The quality assurance testing process typically consists of usability, functionality, and compatibility assessment on distinctive devices. Further, your app will step ahead to beta testing, as well as performance and browser analysis.

If you decided to move ahead with MobiLoud, their WordPress developers also manage to test for you. Similarly, WPMobile.App also provides a free testing platform for the use. Else, it would be best if you looked into different device emulators that can show you how your app looks and works on different devices.

What are the Things to Look at While Hiring a Professional iOS Developer?

Apple is most popular smartphone brand and its flagship operating System iOS is one of the most popular smartphone operating system. It has been now accepted that the quality of the apps developed on Apple platform is superior than that on other platforms. There are many companies in the market which develop the business apps for so many clients around the world. But hiring a professional developer to develop your business app is a tricky job. Coming up with a great idea is not as hard as choosing the right mobile app development team. Before finalizing the iOS developer, there are many factors which need to be taken into consideration for example programming skills, professional skills, designing skills, portfolio of past work, recommendations from previous clients etc. In this article, I am giving you the reasons and essential tips for hiring iOS developers who can develop the required iOS app and help build the strong platform for the business to expand globally.

iPhone App Development Company

How to Hire Best iOS Developers:-

There are so many factors which should be considered while hiring iPhone Development Company or iOS developer. Below are most of them which can help the businesses to build best iOS App.

  • Check the Profile/Portfolio of Developers

Checking the developer’s profile is the first step while looking for iOS developers. An experienced iOS developer will show his portfolio having his previous iOS app development projects. The businesses can take lots of hints and information from these details provided in the developer’s portfolio. Also check the references from previous organizations to make sure that the developers have actually worked on these projects. You can even contact the earlier clients of the developers to know the quality of projects they have delivered in past.

  • Check the Communication Skills of Developers and the Channels they use

Make sure that the iOS App Developer has good social and communication skills. During the development of the project, you need to communicate with the developers so many times regarding some changes/updation in the project. Hence the developers should be able to respond to you quickly say within 24 hours. If the developers don’t respond to you quickly then that means they don’t understand the importance of fast and reliable communication. Also the developers should have fast, enough and reliable communication channels such as Email, Phone, Live Chat, Skype etc and also have fast internet connection.

  • Check the Skills of Developers

The businesses should also determine the programming knowledge and expertise of the developers. They should posses enough development skills to produce error free codes. If you want quality app then the developers should have provided consistent quality code for all of the projects they have done. You can also take a special interview of the developers to know about their skills and expertise. Basically to develop iOS apps, the developer should be proficient in either Objective-C or Swift programming language and should be familiar with iOS technicals.

  • Check the Testimonials by clients, Feedbacks and Ratings given by app users

While reviewing the developer’s portfolio, you should also check the testimonials and feedbacks given by previous clients. Some developers may also provide manipulated testimonials hence you should check the authenticity of these by contacting the clients. You should also check the feedbacks and ratings given by the users of the app developed by the developers on App Store. By this way you can easily know the quality of apps the developer can deliver to you.

  • Check Whether The Developers Respect the Deadline

An experienced and expert developer will always work hard to meet the deadlines. Hence check whether they respect the deadlines. Releasing the iOS App within fixed time can sometimes be very important for the businesses as they had already planned some events based on that. Also lost time is a lost opportunity for many businesses.

  • Check Whether the Developers are Creative Enough

Development of iOS apps requires lots of creativity. During the design and development of the app the developers may face many hurdles which can only be overcome by the creative and out of box thinking of the developers. Hence make sure that the iOS developers are creative and follows innovative approach for app development.

  • Check whether the Developer Clearly understood the Requirements of the Mobile App

You should check that the developers have clearly understood the requirements of the mobile app. If they will fail to understand these clearly then they will not able to deliver the quality of app which you are expecting from them.


We have just discussed some of the important tips for hiring best iOS developers. These points will give you the clear picture of the quality of service the developers can provide and whether they can understand the workflow to complete the project on time. You should also make sure that the developers follows the Apple guidelines for the development process of iOS app and also that they have registered themselves on the Apple’s App store for submitting the app. The developer should also follow the latest trend of iOS mobile app development during the development process if you want your app to stay ahead in the market.

Latest Trends for Mobile App Development for 2018

Mobile apps have benefited lots of businesses from different industries and fields. Earlier it was an optional addition to one’s overall marketing and business development efforts but now it has become a necessity as it increases usability, meets customer’s demands, build brands and increases sales. There are right now millions of apps available on Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store with billions of downloads. And this high demand of mobile apps and this trend will continue in 2018 as well. Also during recent years there has been the emergence of new trends in mobile application development.

If you are in some way related to the Mobile App Development industry, below are some of the mobile apps development trends that you should watch out for in 2018.  Mobile Application Development

 Mobile App Development Trends to Look for in 2018:-

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)

If we just take finance sector and discuss how AI can easily handle transactions, we can see many benefits. With rapid improvements over the last many years, AI can be used to develop chatbots – virtual assistants – which can be used within the mobile banking apps. For example, if you do a certain transaction to same account each month then your app’s AI can suggest you to create a transaction order for you to accept.

AI can also follow verbal instructions allowing to you to do some transaction with little or no use of your screen keyboard. Other than finance there are application of AI in almost all the industries. Starbucks has releases an app called My Starbucks Barista using AI technology to place order for coffee. It is expected that by 2025 the AI market will reach $100 billion. Developers can also use AI to create intelligent apps for Internet of Things (IoT).

  • Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)

Right now, AR and VR are used extensively for development of gaming and entertainment apps. The developers use AR to create a live view of the real world environment and VR to recreate real life situations or environment. Now most of the technology companies are increasing investment in AR and VR projects as demand for these technologies will increase a lot in 2018 and beyond. Most developers now explore new ways to create innovative apps by using AR and VR. AR has major applications in the fields of healthcare, retail, real estate and engineering while VR will be widely used in games.

  • Cyber Security

Nowadays most of the users store a variety of personal information and data on their mobile devices. They also access both personal, financial and corporate data on same devices. Hence, it has become responsibility of the developers to explore ways to keep the mobile app and data secure while developing customer oriented and enterprise mobile apps. Developers need to provide inbuilt security features and also need to implement robust encryption mechanisms. Also many developers will look to switch from Objective C to Swift and Java to Kotlin to take advantage of the advanced security features provided in these modern programming languages for both platforms i.e iOS and Android, respectively.

  • Internet of Things

Multiple devices are being used by more and more people and they are connected together, due to the growth of IoT (Internet of Things). IoT enables so many electronic and mobile devices to connect with each other and interact through internet. Developers of apps are now focusing on user experience on different devices. Major benefit is expected in customer engagement platforms which are Beacon technology or WiFi based. Using IoT, more and more businesses will be able to reach customers via the mobile apps at right time and place. App users will be able to control the device using IoT based Apps.

  • Cloud Technologies

There has been a growing trend in the number of enterprises developing and deploying mobile apps in the cloud. The cloud technologies enable even small businesses to launch and manage mobile applications smoothly without need to invest heavily in physical infrastructure. The cloud technologies look to remain as one of the most important mobile app development trends in 2018. The developers will take advantage of cloud technologies to create mobile apps which interact with users over the internet without thinking much about the requirements of much memory on user devices. The app can improve its performance by fetching data directly from the cloud.


With the above discussed latest mobile application development trends, it looks like lives of so many users, businesses and developers around the world will be impacted and transformed in near future. These new trends will somehow try to make the life easier for the people. The developers have to keep themselves updated with these latest mobile app development trends to create latest mobile apps. AI, AR and VR, IoT, Security, Cloud, AMP, ML will remain the key mobile apps development trends in 2018 and beyond.


A Complete Guide to Choose the best Android App Developers

Android app development has been gaining traction these days. Much of its popularity can be attributed to the increasing use of mobile phones and smartphones in a very large number. Millions and billions of people across the globe are using smartphones. Smartphones are totally useless without apps. Android apps are more prevalent because Android OS hit the market quite earlier than the iOS development. Plethora of people around the world are into android app development career as Android app developers just because of the increasing demand of Android apps.

Almost every business, nowadays wants to create an app which can give their brand an identity. Branding is the most important aspect of any business. Creating an app for any business is a need that can’t be emphasized much. It’s enough to say that any business that wants to see heights in its growth must own an app. Android developers are cashing on profits because of the increasing demand of the Android applications.

However, as a business owner, it should be kept in mind that you have to invest the money very carefully since you have been saving it from a long time. However, this is a relief that businesses today don’t need to invest much into physical resources, what all is required is investment into a great website to increase the conversion rate as well as an iOS or an android app which requires you to invest in expert Android app developers. However, make sure that the one developer you are going to hire should possess a lot of skills as mentioned below:

  • Unparalleled Industry-Knowledge:

You should be able to convey your requirements of the Android app to the app developer you choose. He should have enough industry-knowledge to carry on with your app project without any troubles in between. The reason behind this is that most of the Android developers are into this field because they want to cash in more money. However, make sure that the android app developer you choose should have industry experience and proper knowledge of SDK. Don’t hire freshers who can’t prove their track record.

  • Never Compromise on Quality due to High Costs:

The quality of the Android app depends on the following factors. An app is not of high quality if it doesn’t have these qualities.

  1. Interactivity
  2. Performance
  3. User Experience
  4. Loading time
  5. Design of the app
  6. Seamless support
  7. Smooth navigation

Experienced developers and developers who have industry-knowledge demand high-rates and if you are not willing to pay high rates, the probability is you will end up hiring not so good Android app developers.

  • Versatile and flexible solutions:

Always keep in mind that you don’t hire an Android app developer who is not versatile and flexible enough. Apart from the technical skills, you need to see that the developer has high personal skills. He should have patience and listening power. He should be able to understand the ideas you have in mind so that he can clearly execute the project without creating any troubles.

How to hire?

There is a large pool of talented Android app developers, so it becomes really difficult to choose the best one out of the crowd for developing your application. He should be able to deliver best-in-class user experience along-with the innovative ideas. Innovative approach is very important if you want to hire the best Android app developer.

Questions to ask the developer before hiring:

  • App submission
  • App testing
  • Bug fixing
  • Support & maintenance etc.

In a nutshell, to put into a few words, we can say that Android app developers can be hired offline as well as online. What is most significant is that you should interview the developers based on the skills mentioned above.

Tips for Android App Developers for making Android Apps

Due to the increase in the demand of Android based smartphones and the Android mobile apps, now so many software developers want to build their career in Android Development. If you want to attain success as an Android Developer then there are some important things which you should keep in your mind. Whether you are working as a freelancer or you are working for a reputed company, there are some essential aspects which you should be aware of whole developing an app.

We are now discussing about the tips for new Android developers which we have collected due to our experience in Android App Development.

Learn about the latest trends

You have to learn about all the latest trends in Android App development. This is important as by this you will know which features the users are expecting from an Android app today. Technology is advancing at fast rate hence you need to use all of your options and should be aware of the winning ideas for mobile app development.

  • Don’t Underestimate the Design part of the app

Experts say that your mobile app should impact the users the moment they first see it on Google Play. There are almost 3.3 million apps stored in Google Play. If you want to stand out then you should try to build a mobile app as visually appealing as possible. Google has provided lots of guidelines and features which you can use as good design principles to make your Android mobile app much more attractive and user friendly

  • Participate in Communities

There are so many Android App Developers which are very active in online Android communities. Android is open source and Google also promotes it effectively. Hence there are many online communities built for Android App development where you can clear all of your doubts and queries regarding Android app development. As there are so many developers who are members of these communities hence you will get solution to your issues quickly. These communities are perfect places to learn and teach about common interests. You can even find a job or a partner to start your own project in these communities.

  • Listen to your users and take their feedback seriously

This is one of the best way to earn users trust and loyalty and it can even help you to grow your user base. If you will pay attention to what your users have to say about your app then you can take this opportunity to make improvements in your app and offer them a better product. Users always like if they are being heard and if their feedbacks are taken seriously.

  • Understand the Android Market

You should also learn how the Android users behave and what they expect from the Android app. Although Android has much more users than any other operating system in the world but generally these users don’t pay as much as iOS users pay for using the app. Android users are more likely to download the apps which are free and their revenue comes from other ways. If you can understand these elements about Android App development carefully then you can plan a strategy which best suits your product. Also study about the business models for the apps.


If you want to achieve success as a new Android App Developer then you will find it is not that easy but it is quite possible if you concentrate and contemplate about the above tips which we have discussed. There are so many successful Android developers out there hence you can also become one if you follow the right strategy. You should follow all of these tips and do more research on your own to become a successful Android Developer.

Mobile Application Development Trends for Future

Usage of smartphones has increased to an all time high and now billions of people in the world are using smartphones for some work. Mobile apps are installed on these smartphones and offers many features and functions for the users. The market of mobile app development is continuing to expand at a furious pace. Now users also increasingly downloading paid mobile apps. Increase in number of downloads has resulted in the increase in mobile app revenue which is going to expand further in future.

Now if the mobile app development company wants to get success then it has to develop innovative mobile apps. With mobile app universe maturing, new market will be created and older technologies will be phased out. Now apps will become more faster, sleeker and do new things. Now we will discuss about the latest mobile app trends to understand where the market is headed.

  • AI (Artificial Intelligence)

AI will be used more in the development of mobile apps in coming future. AI will be used both in the construction technique of mobile apps and also in boosting their capabilities. AI will let the use of advanced analytics, cognitive interfaces into complex systems and machine learning technologies and will provide the business users access to the powerful insights. Due to these advantages, the big companies like Google, Facebook, IBM, eBay etc have started to invest more in AI and also they have been acquiring many AI startups in recent time.

  • AR and VR (Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality)

To get more users now Mobile Application Development Company needs to invest big in AR and VR technologies. From quite some time now, AR and VR are the modern mobile app development trends which are revolutionizing the gaming and entertainment industry. Recently, VR devices like Samsung Gear Vr, Google Cardboard and Oculus Rift have become more popular. Games like Pokermon Go, Sky Siege, iOnRoad and myNav are famous AR games. These mobile games are dominating the App Store and show that AR technology has great potential to influence customers in more meaningful ways.

  • IoT (Internet of Things)

Recently we have noticed that smart homes are getting much more interactive. Companies like Nest and ecobee have been developing smart home technology. Developers are working to integrate complex mobile platforms and back-end infrastructure so that they can communicate and share data between all devices for a unified experience. In this process, Data Analytic s has also become important here as all the data which is stored and shared needs to be accessed easily and efficiently. Future of mobile app development is for Internet of Things as each IoT solution requires a dedicated mobile app to enable the users to manage the smart devices from their smartphones. Building IoT related software is not much difficult and most of the Internet of Things solutions are innovative and requires integration with other third party devices and services.

  • Mobile App Security

The companies which offers Mobile App Development Services now needs to focus on app security more and more. The security of smartphones has now become much more important than ever as huge quantity of personal data is used in the working of mobile apps. Mobile Apps with inbuilt security features are now making a large difference in the app space. Apple is moving from Objective C to Swift for the programming language to develop iOS mobile apps. Swift is more powerful and has more security related features. More developers are likely to adopt this new language which provides better user experience with more security features.


Now more people are downloading and using the mobile apps. Even users are now paying money to develop and buy apps but the users have also started to experience fatigue with poorly built mobile apps. Now users use regular and fewer apps but only those apps which offers high quality on all major fronts. Now and in future the mobile app developers should focus on developing and delivering amazing mobile apps which are memorable in terms of their UX/UI and has useful features if they want to make the mobile app part of the user’s lives.

How to select the right iPhone App Developer?

iOS is one of the most popular smart phone’s operating system and has dominated the market since 2007, the year when Apple launched the iPhone based on iOS. Although Android is on top in terms of popularity but in terms of online traffic and sales on online retail stores, iOS users are dominating. Research reports says that the sales through online shopping sites is much higher through Apple mobiles. iOS also scores higher than Android when we talk about ease of use, UI/UX, technical support etc. Due to this huge popularity of iOS based smart phones, the demand of iOS applications is also very high. You should also have an amazing user friendly iOS app for your business if you want to expand more.

You can contact professional iPhone developers or a professional iPhone App development company if you want iOS app for your business as it is job for the experts. But here the question arises how you will select the right iPhone application developer to build best app for your business? The success of your business through the iPhone app largely depends upon what type of developer or company you select to develop iPhone app? Now we will discuss about some of the parameters which can help you while selecting right iPhone application developer or iPhone app development company.

Choosing right iOS app development company:-

iPhone apps look sleeker and much better than Android apps. Now if you have finally decided to go for iPhone app then you need an iPhone app development company which can deliver high quality app that is consistent in its performance and usability on iPhones. Below are some points to consider when you outsource the iPhone app development for your business.

  • Past Experience, Ratings and Reviews

Before finalizing the iPhone app developer or company you should check their portfolio and select those which have a great track record. Check the iPhone apps which they have delivered in past and ratings they have got in the App Store. If the developer of the company has good experience in building amazing apps then it can be the right choice for you. Also check what kind of reviews they have got from their past clients.

  • Expertise in iOS app development

You have to make sure that the iPhone app developer or iPhone development company which you are selecting is expert in iPhone app development. It should have a dedicated team of professionals which are expert in programming languages used in iOS app development like Objective C and Swift 3.0. They should have ability to understand your requirements and they should give their valuable inputs also before finally coming out with final iPhone app requirements having all the modern features. The developers should be expert in using the latest cutting edge iOS technology to deliver best iOS app to you.

  • Creative iPhone app Developers

Creativity is required for iPhone Application Development hence the iPhone app developers which will work on the development of your iPhone app should be very creative. Developing iPhone app requires lots of innovation, creativity along with deep knowledge of spatial thinking, visualization in 3-D, layouts, designs etc. So that they can deliver you highly innovative and out of the box solution.

  • Scalable iPhone App Development

This developer or the company must have experience in delivering scalable iPhone apps. They should also provide app consultation, best UI/UX design, solution architecture and server side support for iOS platform. They should be able to deliver scalable iOS app for your business so that the app can handle the future growth and requirements of your business very well.

  • Effective Communication Channels

The developers or the company should have effective communication channels so that you can get prompt reply from them whenever you try to contact them regarding any changes into the app or for other related work. During and after the development process you may need to communicate with them on several occasions. If the developer or the company responds quickly then it means they know the value of excellent customer service and it will also reflect in the quality of the iPhone app which they will deliver to you.


The points which we have just discussed will help you in selecting the right and best iPhone app developers as they will help you in doing thorough research and due to this you will get excellent quality iPhone app. An experienced developer or company will also help you while launching of the app and also during the implementation of its marketing strategies. They will also provide proper maintenance and technical support for your iPhone app. These all factors will eventually help your business to grow in size and consolidate your position in the market.

Why your Business Needs Android App Development Services?

Android is right now the most popular mobile operating system in the market. Most of the leading Smart Phone manufacturers like HTC, Samsung, Motorola, Sony etc are using Android OS to fuel their devices.

Due to the huge popularity of Android, there is a huge demand for new mobile applications which are developed for Android platforms. Businesses are hiring Android app development company for developing various types of mobile applications like for accounting, games, banking, news, e-commerce, finance, traveling etc.

Now most of the leading businesses houses have mobile applications to manage their complex business operations and to cater the needs of the customers. As we are going through a phase of mobile revolution, it looks like that every company will need to have Android mobile app in order to adapt to the change and keep their potential and existing customers engaged and satisfied.

Now we will discuss about some of the reasons fwhy your Business Needs Android Development Services:-

  • Convenience to Customers

If you build an Android mobile app through an Android development company and people start using it then it will greatly benefit your business. Most of the people use smartphones to fulfill their basic needs as it saves their time and it is also easy to use. With the use of mobile phones the users can get lots of benefits like instant messages, Google Maps, learn anything quickly etc. Now almost 80% of the smartphone users are using an Android based smartphone and by using Android Apps, the users can easily share data like documents, images, videos from one Android user to another. So many Android apps are available in the market to fulfill the specific requirements of businesses and customers. People can easily select the appropriate Android application as per their needs.

  • Easy Accessibility

As Android platform is very popular hence so many manufacturers use Android as the OS for their mobile devices. Also there are millions of apps available in Android Play store. There is almost an app for any kind of requirement of function. Hence customers can easily download any of the Android apps on their Android device. Within seconds or minutes you can download or update any app or game or any service. These apps are thoroughly tested and helps the customer in numerous ways.

  • Increasing Sales and Revenue

In the modern time, it is almost essential to have an amazing mobile app for your business and especially if you want to boost the sales and revenue of your business. As billions of people are using Android based smartphones right now. Hence as soon as you will build an Android mobile app for your business and submit in on the Google play store, you will get access to these billions of users who can become your customers and buy your product and services using the Android mobile app. Hence ultimately it will increase your sales, revenue and your profits

Now so many customer find the shopping through Android mobile app a lot more easier and convenient. Due to this there is a new trend emerging i.e m-commerce. These Android apps increase chance of having higher sales by offering a smooth mobile shopping experience to customers.

  • Proficient Marketing Platform

Using an Android app for your business, you can easily create and implement your marketing and business strategies. You can use your business mobile app as a tool to expand your customer base. Using your mobile app you will always be available to your customer and you can provide real time updates about your business directly to the them. Also the customers can contact you anytime and can read and get any required information conveniently. You can easily offer special offers and discounts to the customers. Also you can get quick feedback’s and reviews from the customers which you can use to improve your services.


As we have just discussed what benefits your business will get if you will go for Android mobile app development hence you can use these tips to increase your customers base, boost your sales and revenue and successfully implement your marketing and short and long term business strategies. Hence you should contact any professional Android development company to build an amazing business mobile app for you today.

5 Mobile App Development Trends for 2017 and Beyond

In 2016, you have seen a great battle between the Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android, the rise of the citizen developer initiative, the growing popularity of hybrid mobile applications and endless attempts to tackle the app insecurities & loopholes. So, the year 2016 is over, it now time to focus on the mobile app development trends that would be surfacing in 2017 and beyond.

Read more to find out the top 5 trends in Mobile App Development trends of 2017:
IoT-related apps dominate  

It is expected that by the end of this year, there would be 6.4 billion devices connected on a global scale. The Internet of Things is playing a pivotal role in shaping the mobile app future trends enabling the users to manage their smart devices in a proper manner. Although, creating IoT-based apps is quite similar to what developers have been doing from past several years.

Most of the IoT apps are innovative by default, it often requires an integration of third-party or niche devices & services. Around 75% of the app breaches are made because of the misconfigurations. When it comes to building the IoT apps, mobile app security is the essential thing. If you are planning to come up with a custom-made IoT solution, then make sure you consider an experienced vendor who offers Proof of Concept, Encrypted Communications and multiple security tests.

Messengers continue to evolve

The rapid evolution of instant messengers was one of the biggest factors behind the 2016 mobile app development trends. And the following year, Messengers and AI Chatbots would become a trend of their own. Business enterprises keep looking for the new ways to reach out their target audience and market. Although, users spend approx 85% of their time using apps but only 5 apps (including messenger & social media) see heavy usage.
With the high-quality apps at your disposal, you can quickly boost your brand’s market identity. It is easy to attract customers via the WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and WeChat. A few months back, social media giant Facebook and Kik launched a Chatbot platform which enables companies to create light weight conversation programs that will use artificial intelligence to answer customer queries and deliver relevant solutions in real time.

Enterprise mobile apps go Micro & Hybrid

More and more companies are nowadays, taking enterprise solutions to the smartphones, tablets and even to the wearable techs. The rising demand for skilled mobile app developers would outstrip the available capacity by 200%. The reason there would a high supply is because of the no-code or low-code app development tools aka the Citizen Developer Initiative would soon become one of the hottest trends in the mobile app development sector. However, you cannot expect a person with no technical experience to build a high-performance mobile app.

The reason micro apps came into the scene is because they focus on small-UI centred programs that permit workers to access a certain function of an enterprise solution via the smartphone. But there’s a catch, although, developing micro apps are convenient and inexpensive, they need a seamless integration with the parent enterprise solution working at the back-end.

Another trend that appeared in the scene are the Hybrid Apps. To bring down the project development costs, more and more vendors are now turning to technologies such as HTML5, Apache Cordova and AngularJS.
Finally, the Android-first is happening

Earlier there were several reasons why most of the people were going for the iOS-first approach in app development sector. But from 2016 onwards, the Android was able to take reins in its hand and became one of the leading mobile operating systems. Today over 53% of the app developers prioritise Android platform. Here’s why.

First, there is a rising tendency to build a mobile app which can drive in brand awareness & customer loyalty.

Second, there are several emerging markets such as India, China, Latin America which are currently dominated by the Android OS. In the past few years, there has been a 20% growth in the smartphone sales in these countries compared to the 8% sales in the mature markets.

Finally, it’s the rapid evolution of Android’s own ecosystem. With improved developer guidelines, latest OS release, security updates in its sleeves, Google Play is on the right track and will soon steer past Apple’s App Store both in terms of downloads and revenue.

UX will marry accessibility

The market survey has revealed that 24% of the smartphone & tablet users have some sort of physical or psychological disability. There are a handful of app developers who build software keeping in mind the disability factor. It’s a huge and largely underdeveloped market. Thanks to IoT this situation will change soon. Home Automation systems, communication solutions, medical alarms etc have opened up new opportunities for the disabled persons and will reduce the barriers to living independently.

Summing Up

In this post, you will read about top five mobile app development trends that will surface in the year 2017 and beyond.

Is Android App Development a monstrous process?

The Android operating system is designed and developed by the tech giant Google Inc. At present, Android owns a huge share of the mobile market. All the smartphones and tablets running on the Android are selling like hot cupcakes. Moreover, the Android OS is app friendly and allows developers to design robust apps belonging to different categories such as games, eCommerce, instant messaging and much more.

Any Disadvantages? Nay, Only some Challenges!

The overwhelming Android presence has flooded the market with millions of apps. If you are also planning to come with an app, then finding an Android App Development service provider is not that tough. At present, the Google Play Store has over 3 million apps and the number is rising day by day. There are plenty of users and so does the challenges, but there are experts who will help you overcome all the hurdles which you might face during this process.

So what are these challenges?

Multiple vendors: The insane popularity of Android OS has given birth to mobile device manufacturers such as HTC, Samsung, Motorola, Sony, Huawei, One Plus etc. They all use Android OS to power their devices. Moreover, there are several libraries, features which get modified or deleted that leads to a pesky increase in fragmentation issues.

Lack of Usage policies: Google has always been a bit lenient towards the app development policies. And because of this leniency, app developers tweaked and twisted it to suit their purpose. This also became a great threat to the quality of the apps getting published on the Google Play.

Software and Hardware Diversity: In a very less time, multiple versions of software were launched in the market which created the compatibility issues with the app versions. In terms of hardware, the mobile market has smartphones of all screen sizes, operation mechanisms and processing speeds which also became a headache for app developers who desire to provide the satisfactory performance to the users.

Commercialization blues: Once the app is ready to get published on the Google Play, the app developer has to pay a little free to host his app. Google, first inspects the apps to detect & remove any sort of malware or virus which might cause considerable delay in the commercialization process.

Solutions to overcome  above mentioned hurdles

Software & Hardware: Well, you must accept that a single app might not be capable of satisfying all the mobile devices running various versions of Android OS. The diversity in hardware and software is the reality and it should be accepted. Fortunately, the modern day mobile hardware has shown flexibility in running different Android version based apps. Before creating the app, the developers must do a quick research about the target devices & versions, then decide best fit to target their apps.

Commercialization: Again, research plays an important part in this sector too. You should first identify the potential users and devices so you can generate revenues through app usage of this target group. This would also allow you to use advertisements that will drive users towards your app. It will be good if you developed a user-friendly app so that users don’t mind encountering a couple of small advertisements on the side.