Apple iOS 8.1.2- Will it please or offend the users?

The release of iOS 8 has played a vital role in meeting the customized requirements of iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users across the globe. Being one of the long awaited Apple operating system versions, iOS 8 has been equipped with major bug fixes that were necessary for resolving the ongoing issues with the iOS version 7. Likewise, considering the need for fixing the bugs available in the iOS8 version, Apple went beyond boundaries to introduce the iOS 8.1.2 version. Quite surprised by this latest iOS8 release, Apple product consumers have always waited for a version that can aid them in developing applications that can run flawlessly on a variety of devices that are being powered by iOS.

What’s the aim behind releasing Apple iOS 8.1.2?
Unlike the pre-existing iOS versions, the iOS 8.1 version has been specially released to allow users to retrieve the iTunes ring-tones that have formerly been disappeared from their iPhone, iPad or iPod touch devices. Apple has now set up a dedicated URL( that can be utilized for recovering the iTunes ring tones that have been accidentally removed from the device. While the latest iOS version 8.1.2 occupies only about 28.2 MB of memory space, there are multiple issues which haven’t been resolved in this operating system version. Some of the noticeable problems that still haven’t been resolved in iOS 8.1.2 include battery issues, Wi-Fi issues, Bluetooth issues and many more. It is due to this reason that Apple consumers are counting on the next iOS8 release that would be more stable and would also offer suitable solutions for a wide range of issues that exist in the iOS8 version.

Developers’ take on Apple iOS 8.1.2 release

An important point to be noted about iOS 8.1.2 is that the build of this operating system hasn’t been designed keeping in mind the requirements of iOS / iPhone application developers who need to perform an advanced testing of the operating system prior to updating their in-use operating system. Discussions are on, regarding the release of iOS 8.2 version that would include some major hooks for the Apple Watch ecosystem. It is expected that this iOS version would be released around mid to late February in the year 2015. Until that time, it would be interesting to see how the casual Apple users are embracing the iOS 8.1.2 release.

Jailbreaking has exposed the hollow iOS release 8.1.2
Although it is being pre-assumed that an iOS update would usually shut down the tasks of the jailbreaking community, the scenario has not been the same for the all-new iOS 8.1.2 release. As an unusual move by Apple, iOS 8.1.2 has actually not been that successful in filling up the loopholes available in the existing iOS 8 version. With just being restricted to aid Apple in earning money via iTunes ringtones, this recent iOS update has been jailbroken in order to detect the bugs and other vulnerabilities that have not been addressed in the format that they should have been. A crippled Wi-Fi network, major Bluetooth bugs and a chronic battery drain have been the key issues that haven’t been fixed in iOS 8.1.2.

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